"My husband is a director."

Translation:Mój mąż jest dyrektorem.

January 19, 2016

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How come "Mój mąż to dyrektor" wouldn't work as well?


It would but this reminds me well-known Polish movie quote "Mój mąż jest z zawodu dyrekrorem" (My husband is a director by profession): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d738Nvr6QCQ


Works. Just remember that this would be a film (or theatre) director. Why does English use the same word for those, I will never understand...


Reżyser must come from the French regisseur which is what the stage director of ballet is called. My guess is that dyrektor comes from the English business director. In English director is shorten form for stage director or artistic director or funeral director etc.


Duolingo Polish is a bit gender-biased. Shake it up a bit guys. Moja żona jest dyrektorem sounds great. Even a classic Duolingo like mój słoń jest dyrektorem would be better... Or would it be Moja żona jest dyrektorką?

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