"We learned about Germany today."

Translation:Wij hebben vandaag over Duitsland geleerd.

3 years ago


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How does the sentence structure work in Dutch?

I wrote: Wij hebben geleerd over duitsland vandaag.

2 years ago


I don't know 100% but I believe times (such as today, tomorrow, now) need to go earlier in the sentence, after the verb I believe.

2 years ago


Why "geleerd" and not "geleren"? Or is that not even a word?

2 years ago


I am not Dutch but I think bcs there are two verbs in the sentence. A finite verb '' hebben' which is considered persons form or in better way is conjugated according to the personal pronoun. And the one in the end get the infinitive form which is actually what is going on situation. To get the past tense or past perfect you have to know the 'TKoeFSCHiP rules. Hope this can help you somehow.

1 year ago


I'm German and only learning Dutch via Duolingo but you need the past participle (geleerd) like in English with the Present or Past Perfect (not sure but I tried)

1 year ago
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