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Thanks for the mention! :-) There will be more of Винни-Пух coming soon. :-)

And here it is!
Chapter 1
Chapter 2


That is great! Did Duo administration revive their immersion plans for the entire internet translation? :)


Not at all. It's a hack, but they said that they won't delete it as far as there is no harm done. There's still the A/B test without immersion going on and if that one is successful, we certainly won't have any immersion anymore in the future.


But I see it is hosted on Duo's server, how come?


Best thing I've seen on DuoLingo in years. Thanks a billion!


Спасибо!! It will really help me learn quicker. Я думаю, это oтлично.


Amazing! Anyone find any new stuff?


There are two tales about the knight and the dragon (humorous fantasy):
Рыцарь и дракон. История первая.
Рыцарь и дракон. История вторая.

You can put your request (with link) here, if you would like something to be uploaded.


There's a few more chapters of Vinni-Pukh up, other than that I don't know. :-)


Where did you guys get the thing to post Russian Immersion articles? Can you tell me how? I want to post Russian Immersion stuff!!!


Thank you very much for these texts! Do you have an idea about why Immersion is not available?


It's not available because the courses have been done by the community and not by Duolingo. In the past they were the ones who created the courses and then they used immersion to profit financially because they sold the translated texts. They don't profit from the courses that have been created by the community.

But in my opinion this is nonsense... they could just easily let people use immersion and only profit from those languages that they made...

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