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January 19, 2016



.....Conas dhéanamh tú sin? I thought that there was no immersion for Irish.


It's actually a glitch in Duolingo, not something fully supported by the program.


What's the purpose of translating these articles? Surely it would be better practice to translate something that's not already available in English.

Wikipedia articles aren't generally particularly well-written, anyway. Why not translate something by an Irish author?


Something by an Irish author would need to be out of copyright (or always have been in the public domain) to avoid getting Duolingo entangled in intellectual property issues.


So why do people need to read stuff on Duolingo? There's plenty of good Irish available to read, either as a paper book, an ebook or an article in an online magazine. Just go read something on tuairisc.ie or beo.ie or go buy a book from siopagaeilge.ie or siopa.ie or one of the other online retailers. Why Duolingo? Badges?


how does one normally get to the immersion section of duo?


For the people and languages that have it, there is a tab to the right of Discussion called Immersion and a Words tab between Home and Activity, but it is not available for Irish and some people don't have it for the languages that originally had it. Here are more links to video, audio, reading and games to immerse yourself in: http://duolingo.wikia.com/wiki/Irish


Wiktionary is a good resource or possible link to use

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