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January 19, 2016



After using Immersion a few hours, I have to say it is a wonderful tool, and it is a shame that Duolingo's business case for Immersion didn't work.


Hi @davidvdb and thanks for adding some practice material. Could you inform me, once a document is entirely translated, how does it work to update it on Wikipedia? Do you then copy paste it all within the Wikipedia page? Any mention of Duolingo contributors ? Simply curious :)


I'm also curious about how this works!


I have a request: This one! http://mads.atari8.info/mads.html (it's a bit long, but a lot of Atari users who speak only English would be eternally grateful!)

Also, this one: http://mads.atari8.info/madpascal.html


I do not know ATARI slang and programming English but maybe my lame translation will help little bit.


I've uploaded http://mads.atari8.info/madpascal.html onto Duolingo and it seems to work. Here it is: https://www.duolingo.com/translation/1ff6b75a23d2f61f1253993d5f685089

Please add this to the list. I tried to upload the other but it is too long.


How can I find translations from English to Polish?


You don't even need this trick for that - English for speakers of Polish language has Immersion, so you only need to start that course to access translations from English to Polish. ;-)


I know, but I don't want to start any Polish course.



I've tried uploading this one, but it won't quite let me fill out the upload criteria correctly. Spefically, I can't choose a language it has to be translated into. Anyone able to give it a go?

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