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System bugs - what to do

In Firefox the audio does not work. This resists restarting the browser. Have not tried a system restart yet. In Chrome frequently the screen is not properly painted, remaining all white. Here re-sizing the window may work. In IE when a lesson is submitted the system may timeout and return you to the page with the lesson unlearned. I find that logging out and restarting the browser helps with this.

All browsers are most recent general relaese versions, and this is a Windows 7 PC with automatic Microsoft updating.

If anyone has suggestions about how to hande these issues please post. Duolingo is very good, much better than other language systems I have tried, but it is proving hard to use.

January 14, 2013



I was having so many problems with flash crashes in Firefox. I downloaded a beta release (Firefox 19.0). It has dramatically reduced my flash problems. Download the latest version of Adobe Flash player too.


@rocko2012. Thanks, I checked out that my Firefox/Flasplayer were current versions. In the process I found the Firefox problem. There is an AddOn called Flashblock which I have switchedd on. Instesad of showing Flash it shows a static window and when you click the window (if you do) the Flash runs. Fine, but Duolingo gets round this and runs anyweay - except the sound! Solution add duolingo.com to the Flashblock whitelist.


Yeah I use that same plugin. And had to whitelist duolingo to get sound working 6 months ago. On most sites you see an icon when there is optional flash content. Supposable the entire reason Duolingo uses scumbag Flash is for microphone support that html5 lacks.


Right. Flash is foul. And it dopesn't wortk on the iPad (no, really, it doesn't). I switch off the microphone part because the quality is poor and it is profoundly discouraging when trying to learn. Basically why I stopped LiveMocha. They should put the icon up and cherck for the plugin. Also they should create a place where people can put fixes. Better than this little entry. After all these issues have come up before but I could not find them.

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