"Czyi rodzice jedzą kolację?"

Translation:Whose parents are eating dinner?

January 19, 2016

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How would you ask whose family is eating dinner?


Czyja rodzina je obiad/kolację?

Both sentences feel unnatural to me.


Why it can't be "are eating?"


Yeah, "are eating" makes a lot more sense, it will be the default now.


It should be. "Whose parents eat dinner?" is a very unnatural sentence of English. "Whose parents are eating dinner?" would be much better. Unless it is actually meant to imply habituality, as in, do they ever eat dinner, but I'm pretty sure it's not, as I don't think we've learned that yet.


Kolacja is too similiar to the italian word "colazione" which is, instead, śniadanie in polish... I always get wrong when this word is around ahahah


Whose parents are eating dinner ? sounds more natural when typing in English and was accepted :)


Why czyi for rodzice and czyje for śniadanie? Is rodzice a plural male?


Yes, "rodzice" is a plural of the masculine noun "rodzic", which makes it 'masculine personal plural'.

"śniadanie" is neuter singular.


I need help. My native language is spanish, and its hard to me understand what -czyi means. Please, If anyone can explain the traduction in spanish, help me.


I thought it will be easy to translate for me, but somehow it's not... one thing, is that "czyi" can translate to "de quién", but that doesn't seem to work here (unless "¿Padres de quién comen la cena?" sounds natural, I don't know).

Perhaps it would rather be ¿qué padres? or ¿cuáles padres?... As in "¿Qué padres comen la cena? Los padres de Pablo? O los padres de Marco? O los padres de Susana?".

"czyi" is a 'masculine personal plural' form of "czyj", which basically asks for "to whom something/someone belongs" ("a quién algo/alguien pertenece").

My Spanish is not great, so I hope that made sense :D


Wow, Thank you so much. Your Spanish is perfect.


I was doing the mental exercise to try and imagine the answer for this question in order to infer the case in which 'Whose' would be. What would be examples of answers? I can think of two (and I don't know if they are right)

  • Moi rodzice jedzą kolację - My parents are eating dinner
  • Rodzice kobiety jedzą kolację - The woman's parents are eating dinner


Yes, they are correct. I mean, the second one would be more likely as "Rodzice tej kobiety" ("This woman's parents), but technically yours is also fine. It just seems to suggest that there's "the man" and "the woman" and their parents and it's "the woman's parents" who are eating dinner. Unusual, but not wrong.


Czyi rodzice jedzą kolację? = Whose parents are eating supper?


Yes, it's accepted.


Cyrillic: Чии родице еѕѧ́ коляцьѧ?

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