"Мій будинок праворуч."

Translation:My house is on the right.

January 19, 2016

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Is 'to the right' correct here?


I think that's a reasonable translation. I understand the command 'Праворуч!' to mean 'Turn to the right!' when used in the military.


Is there a difference in Ukrainian between "to the left" and "on the left"? In Russian, it's направо versus справа. To the left is for movement and on the left is for location. Куди versus де.


In Ukrainian there are words ‘зліва/справа’ for ‘where/where from’ (yeah, two in one) and ‘наліво/направо’ for ‘where to’ — just like in Russian. On the other hand, ‘ліворуч/праворуч’ (literally ‘where the left/right hand is’) means both location and direction-to (its nearest but not precise equivalent in Russian is ‘по левую/правую руку’.) Which to use is a matter of style and context. ‘Ліворуч/праворуч’ makes sense when you have some center where you can turn left/right and look in that direction. And this is how we usually say about location — 'at which side', unlike in Russian where they actually mean ‘from which side’ by using ‘слева/справа’. If you are telling about moving from one side to another then it's definetely ‘зліва/справа направо/наліво’ (from where — to where).

As for location and turing/looking I'd prefer to say ‘ліворуч/праворуч’: ‘ліворуч від мене стоїть таксі’, ‘водій таксі подивився ліворуч і повернув праворуч’. But: ‘зліва направо проїхало таксі’.

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