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  5. "Questa è l'ultima partita."

"Questa è l'ultima partita."

Translation:This is the last match.

January 20, 2016



"Ultimate" meaning "last" is used rarely in English. If you mean ultimate in the more normal sense of the word, it would be "Questa è la partita ottima" or "Questa è la partita massima."

I think ultimate, meaning best, AMAZING or the like would probably tend to come after the noun for emphasis, in a way that "last" wouldn't.


I dunno. As an English speaker I use ultimate to mean "last" and penultimate to mean "second to last". It's not that uncommon for me. I mean...It's a valid definition of the word.


Also, definitiva.


It's used as last too, though. I've heard it used in this sense, even colloquially. However, yes, it is used more often in a different way.


Why not "This is the ultimate match"?


Because l'ultima literally means "the last" in Italian. This also applies in Spanish as la última. Also consider the gender in each phrase, like in l'ultimo ragazzo, meaning "the last boy". In Spanish; El último niño.


Does this phrase the mean last match they played, or is it solely the ultimate game of the season?


It refers to the last match in quantity, not in quality. For a quality expression you could probably use massimo or supremo


In Italian there is something called elision: Quest'orso - This bear Quest'alunna - This student https://www.thoughtco.com/italian-elision-2011588 ▶ quest’avvenimento quanto altro ▶ quant’altro http://www.treccani.it/enciclopedia/elisione_(La-grammatica-italiana)/


"This match is the last " why it is not correct


"match" and "game" would normally be interchangeable and also "game" appeared in one of the drop down hints. So can I know why "game" is wrong here? Thank you

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