"This man is eating dinner."

Translation:Ten mężczyzna je obiad.

January 20, 2016

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I thought obiad means lunch not dinner


It is complicated. (English meal names are complicated).

In Poland we eat śniadanie at the morning.

Then some people eat 2nd śniadanie. Some people (those from bigger cities and late office hours) eat Lunch (which nobody knows how to say/spell as it is "American innovation",)

In the middle of the day people have Obiad, which is often a big hot meal, (some have it at 12, others at 17, but I think 14-16 is the most common

In the evening people eat "Kolacja", it could be anything: a slice of bread, or a 3 course meal at restaurant, If it is later evening/early night it is Kolacja.

Obiad is Lunch or dinner , Kolacja is dinner or supper.


In English, dinner refers to the principal or largest meal of the day. Traditionally this was the noon meal but now it usually used to refer to supper, the evening meal. In rural communities and among the elderly, dinner is still often used to refer to the noon meal.


I thought "obiad" is only dinner, no supper.


obiad is lunch (or dinner eaten in afternoon) kolacja is supper (or dinner eaten in the evening)


I marked both options before and it said it was wrong, now I marked only the one it said was right and it was wrong for not marking the other, make up your mind Duo


snadianie=breakfast obiad=lunch kolacja=dinner ???????????


śniadanie = breakfast, obiad = lunch/dinner, kolacja = dinner/supper. Different parts of the English-speaking world refer to 'obiad' and 'kolacja' differently.

So if you think of three main meals of the day, "obiad" is the middle one and "kolacja" is the last one.


when i write "This man is eating lunch" it's uncorrect :/

i understood the differences, i was just thinking ,if obiad is the middle meal it should be "lunch/late lunch" and if kolacja is the last meal of the day it should be only "dinner/supper" this way is easy to learn it and it won't be impossible to traslate from polish to english


It's not only accepted, it's one of the two 'best answers'. Maybe the programm is getting crazy again, it happens from time to time.

Well, I was always taught breakfast/dinner/supper, so in my education, the word 'lunch' didn't even exist. I believe both breakfast/dinner/supper and breakfast/lunch/dinner have to be accepted and be considered best options. For many people the middle meal is dinner.


Do more get this mistake often: you chose one of the right answers and it still says it's wrong!? I chose "Ten mężczyzna je kolację" and then it says it's wrong and it's "Ten mężczyzna je kolację., Ten mężczyzna je obiad." I have reported this kind of mistakes for months...


It's not an error, the task is "choose all correct answers"...

And between the dialects, the word "dinner" is ambiguous and can mean either Polish "obiad" or "kolacja".

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    When i use obiad to refer to dinner it is flagged as incorrect. A little consistency eould be nice.


    Seems like one of those Duo bugs that happen from time to time.

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