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"La imagen es muy grande para mi pantalla."

Translation:The image is too big for my screen.

January 20, 2016



This is incorrect. The translation should be "the image is very big for my screen". Muy means very. Demasiado means too.


"the image is very big for my screen" doesn't really make sense. I have seen "muy" in the sense of "too" before, and the given soln is right this time I reckon


This is another example of how DL giving a little explanation would go a long way in the learning process.
I was marked correct for "The image is very big for my screen".
If I did not check the discussion, I would have never known that "muy" can be used in this way.

Thanks supermollusc


Agreed. Sometimes there is a gem of explanation in these notes, sometimes some good humour, but often a lot of confusion. I have to be careful I don't spend more time looking through them than actually doing exercises. In this case I was wondering how an image can be too big for a screen, since these days the software resizes them to fit and you wouldn't even know...


My dictionary says either will work in this context.


Respectfully disagree. Muy is often used to mean too. That's the learning point here (speaking as one who messed up this question).


I was just trying to say "the water is too hot" earlier and discovered demasiado means too. "El agua demasiado caliente."


Am I the only one who thought 'the image is too big for my pants' at first glance?


pantalones pantallas potatoes potatas ey?


should it not be 'tan grande'?


tan grande = so big


I think it should accept " this image is very big for my screen"


It accepts that answer now.


"The image is very big for my screen." Accepted 9/21/2019. "This image is very big for my screen." - I haven't tried yet (I will try next time, just to confirm), but 'this' is not usually interchangeable with 'the'. "The image is too big for my screen." -Given answer, and most correct sounding, if not at first when the 'muy = too' is still new. I think to this point on DL I may have only seen one other use of muy like this, maybe not even that. I'll keep this usage in mind in later exercises, when it may seem more appropriate than 'muy = very'.


Demasiado grande = too big


I wrote that the image is bigger than my screen and was marked incorrect. Hmmm??


That's a little different description of the image and a little different construction in Spanish. To say something is too big for something else is not the same as saying it is bigger. A sofa that is too big to comfortably fit a room is very likely smaller than the room. Likewise, an image described as too big for a given screen may not necessarily be bigger than that screen. It certainly may be bigger, but the Spanish sentence does not guarantee that.

If the Spanish sentence was closer to La imagen es más grande que mi pantalla, then your translation would be perfect.


The image is larger than my screen , should also be accepted, no?


No. that would be "más grande que" rather than "muy grande para." It may mean the same thing in some contexts, but not all. I'm really not arguing there's a huge practical difference. I'm just suggesting they are not completely interchangeable statements and each aligns with a different Spanish phrase.


See the comment above.


Just another brain-dead useless sentence from Duolingo


'on my screen' or 'for my screen' are both OK as translations. you need to offer both as correct. please use more flexibility on multiple correct answers. thanks


But those have slightly different meanings in English that I would guess are similar to the Spanish version. The sentence uses "para", not "en", which is a pretty good indication that you need to go with "for" as your preposition.


the image is larger than my screen should be accepted!


That's a very different construction. It would be "mas grande que".


One needs to translate as it was written, and not as it could have been written. "Could have beens" are like playing horseshoes. Close is not good enough.

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