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  5. "Ne zaman kayboldu?"

"Ne zaman kayboldu?"

Translation:When did it get lost?

January 20, 2016



what is the difference between kaybetmek and kaybolmak


Kaybetmek = to lose something
This is a transitive verb, and it will require accusative case on the object that has been lost.

  • Anahtarlarımı kaybettim = I lost my keys
  • Kedimizi kaybettik = We lost our cat
  • Aklını kaybettin mi? = Have you lost your mind? ;-)

Kaybolmak = to be lost
This is an intransitive verb, and the lost item is now the subject, so it stays in nominative case:

  • (Ben) Kayboldum = I got lost
  • Kedimiz kayboldu = Our cat was lost
  • Anahtarlar kayboldu = The keys were lost /vanished

(This is a good way to deflect responsibility: I didn't loose the keys... The keys got lost on their own, haha!)


By the way, can you use "Kaybol!" as "Get lost!" ?


I will check with some friends, but I do not think so. If you do that, you would be telling someone to literally get lost (and in to intentionally lose their way).


Oh you can use it that way :-] Kaybol = get out of my sight. (And here's a song ;p)


Selcen confirmed this earlier on today and I was about to respond! I guess I have been lucky enough that no one has ever said it to me ;)


why is "what time did it get lost" marked as wrong?

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