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"Sizin kiraladığınız araba nerede?"

Translation:Where is the car that you rented?

January 20, 2016



what is wrong with putting this sentence in the present tene?


We do accept it in the present continuous "...the car that you are renting." "The car that you rent" would be wrong in 99% of situations and would require a different working in Turkish.


Can you please elaborate on why "the car that you rent" is incorrect? I imagine it has something to do with an aorist construction, but I am unsure how this would relate to English since there is a lot of leeway in translation with a word like "rent".


I am trying to give you an answer as I see that nobody answered your question until now. I am learning too and so anybody may correct me if I am wrong. I Thing the car that you rent is expressing that you not yet rented the car, you will rent it in the future. The DIG-form can only be used for non-future -sentences. That means in this case you would have to use future tense or the construction with "ICEGI"


What's the difference between ver & var?


"var" is an existential particle that roughly translation into "there is/are" in English. It can also be the command form of the verb "varmak" (Arrive!)

"ver" is the command form of the verb "vermek" (Give!)


What's the significance of including sizin at the start? I wondered if it was to indicate "your" car "that you rented" but that wasn't accepted. Is it just a redundant alternative? I guess by now "Kiraladığınız araba nerede?" sounds better.


It is redundant, possessive adjectives are often only added for emphasis. For example if the previous sentence was "Bizim kiraladığımız araba şurada", then using "sizin" in the next sentence is sort of necessary as you are comparing. So you cannot say "better" without the context


"Sizin kiraladığınız araba nerede?" Translation: Where is the car that you rented?


Where is the car you rented? - Correct.

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