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  5. "Ela come um pouco de pão."

"Ela come um pouco de pão."

Translation:She eats some bread.

January 14, 2013



WHY??? "She eats a litle bread" is not correct?


Hi diegopmelo! "A little bread" ("um pequeno pão" or "um pãozinho") refers to the size of the bread, whereas "a little bit of bread" indicates the quantity of bread. I think that's why! =)


I think this is a difference between Portuguese and English usage. In the UK, unless we are talking about certain continental breads (not the typical case), bread is not a count noun (we use loaf/loaves for this meaning) it is simply a type of food, therefore "a little bread" can mean a small quantity of bread.


I'm English and I concur.


Ok, thanks... you're right. Tell me please, Can I would use " She eats a few bread" ???


No. That needs to be either "She eats a few breads" or "She eats a little bread". The first would be quite unusual in English but there are bread items which some people call "breads", things like breadsticks, for example (individual items are typically called "loaves" or "rolls").


Ok thanks for your helping!!!!


'She eats a little bread' is accepted now.


It is not. I entered She eats a little bid of bread and was not accepted, which is crazy because that is normal American English


a bit of bread is the same as a little bit....


I think those are similar enough, too. Did you try reporting it?


I find it really hard to differentiate between ele and ela when I hear it on Duolingo. Any tips?


A few people tried to give advice in this discussion: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/1438915.


I entered "She eats a little bit of bread" and got as an alternative answer the one above "She has a little bit of bread.". There is even no dictionary hint for comer = to have. Is the translation really correct?


I think "Pouco" can also be translated to "A small amount of", in this case "She eats a small amount of bread"


"She eats some bread" is the best English option. People have "a little wine and some bread." I feel like when "um pouco de" is used, "some" is the correct translation.


"Some" is quite an ambiguous word in English. In theory, it could be any quantity at all from a little to a lot, though in every-day practice it is likely to mean a quite small amount. However, I would think "Ela come pão" is more suited as a translation to "she eats some bread", and "Ela come um pouco de pão" to "She eats a little bread".


I could use "a little of" too! It would be correct to use this.

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