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"Він обіцяв дзвонити щодня, але сьогодні він не дзвонив."

Translation:He promised to call every day but today he did not call.

January 20, 2016



He promised to call every day but he did not call today. Де помилка?


There is no mistake. Your response should have been marked correct.


Oops! I just posted the same link to the "Report a Problem" section. Sorry for the redundancy.


"hasn't called today" would have been a better translation because as long as it's "today" he still can call.


the last word 'call' is not needed. It would be understood. I tried to convince you, but I did not.


My translation was marked wrong but should have been right, “He promised to call every day, but he did not call today.” In English we can emphasize by intonation whereas in Slavic languages the same emphasis is made more frequently by word order.


ring should be accepted as well as call (and is closer to дзвонити)

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