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Test yourself - questions from the official polish language certificate test for foreigners

January 20, 2016



5 / 14, native Czech speaker, Duolingo Polish level 6. I feel a bit ashamed :P


12/14 native Polish speaker. Born, raised and still there. Comments in Polish are all about how tricky and archaic the test is.


Do you learn polish only via duolingo? The test is hard, so I think that's not bad score.


There's over 11% chance to score 5 or more in that test by random guessing:

For a native Czech speaker with a bit of Polish knowledge it should be even more likely.


Your link does not work - seems to be altered by duolingo. Could you shorten it (bit.ly for example) ?



Duolingo's Markdown implementation is really awful.


remove amp; from the link and it should work probably.


Do not worry - try harder :) I am native speaker and my score is 13. Personally I feel that this test do not fit to real life.


5/14 without understanding anything - just to see what would happen if I answered using the "force" lol.

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14/14 (native Polish speaker) - but the test is at the same time hard and stupid. There was a question with 2 proper answers (of which one is better, but since the phrase is taken out of context - the other also could be fine), 1 question with one proper and one popular colloquial answer, 1 question where only a missing or present comma decides which answer is correct, 1 with words that are used only in a proverb and in some orthographic tests, and 1 with a verb that even some younger native speakers could not know... It concentrates on some nuances of languages that may be unknown even to someone living in Poland for several years, and it recalls a legend which may be completely unknown to foreigners.


Now, when I failed on purpose I've got a result "Nie zdałbyś/abyś egzaminu z języka polskiego na poziomie C1."


Same as br0d4. But to be honest, whether you know the legend or not, shouldn't matter.

Besides, C1? That's a professional and near native level. B2 should be fully sufficient for everyday life.


This test helped me out a lot: It was so hard that it made me realize I should study even harder. :) Thanks for the link, though, I will try it out again after a couple of months. :)


I gave up after the first few questions since it just turned into a guessing game. This is way too hard! (native German speaker, Polish level 14)


I looked at the first question, laughed heartily, and closed the tab. Maybe I'll take a proper shot at it in a week when I'm not totally shattered, but I'm not confident I'd get even one right 8-o



Native Spanish speaker

~B1 level of Polish or slightly below


Polski: 14/14 ale jestem Polką :) Myślę, że część z tych pytań powinna zostać zmieniona, ponieważ część słów i form gramatycznych jest archaiczna lub przynajmniej nie używana na co dzień :/ Myślę, że test na certyfikat powinien sprawdzać zdolność dogadania się, a nie znajomość skomplikowanej gramatyki czy słów, które wyszły już z użycia. Tego wymaga się w szkołach dla Polaków, nie powinniśmy zmuszać do tego obcokrajowców, bo to bardzo dobrze, że ktoś uczy się naszego języka i nie powinniśmy ich zniechęcać :) English: 14/14, but I'm Polish :) I think that some of these questions should be changed, because some words and grammatical forms are archaic or at least not used everyday :/ I think that the certificate test should be a test about real communication skills, not knowledge of the complicated grammar and words that are out of use. That is needed in schools for native speakers, we shouldn't force foreigners to know it, because it's very good that someone is learning our language and we shouldn't discourage them :)


Jak już wspomniałem nieco wyżej, ten test jest na poziomie C1, który reprezentuje już znajomość języka na poziomie profesjonalnym czy praktycznie ojczystym. Do swobodnego dogadania się na co dzień wystarczy spokojnie B2, może nawet B1.


Fajnie :) Czyli wystarczy B1 i można się dogadać, tak?


4/14 Native French speaker A1 in Polski (I just start to learn it last week and I'm still trying to understand the pronunciation of some letters in the alphabet and I'm also starting to learn some basic words...)


Oh I gave up since I couldn't understand a thing! Well, sure learning Polish from Duolingo isn't enough (just started the course less than two weeks ago) ... anyone can recommend me good websites to learn Polish (besides YouTube for speaking/listening)?:)

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