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[Immersion bug] Upload system discarding content from the original article (source)

I uploaded this article [1], http://justpaste.it/do92, and somehow Duolingo seems to have discarded several sentences from the original article when it got uploaded.

It seems to have eaten (discarded) these sentences:

There could be more sentences or words being discarded, but I'm not sure, these are just the ones I noticed.

1 - http://www.duolingo.com/translation/98873ebe1dc18b2f2a4c6e37120f5519

December 19, 2013



Can you give me a link to the Immersion article?


Hrm...Seems fine now!


Nope, did you compare it to the original article? Those lines are definitely missing. I downloaded the completed translation, and it is still missing. So, either I'm blind or there is something wrong.

Perhaps I didn't explain it properly, with discarded, I mean that these sentences are not in the uploaded document, while they are in the source document.


Oh! Yes! It did! Try uploading it again! Edit: First remove the article though.


Well, the deed is done, besides that text is outdated anyway, I've added some stuff to the original guidelines, and the missing lines aren't a big deal. I was just alerting the staff to this problem.

Besides some users may be annoyed if they see the same thing twice.

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