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  5. "Minha boca é um túmulo."

"Minha boca é um túmulo."

Translation:My lips are sealed.

December 19, 2013



In English, it's simply saying that nothing will escape the lips (about whatever subject they are speaking about) because they are sealed (locked up, secured) from doing so.

"Oh, he's going to ask Julie out to the prom. Don't tell anyone!"

"My lips are sealed." (Basically saying "I won't tell anyone")

For the Portuguese, it basically says "my mouth is a tomb/grave". Dead people don't talk, so tombs would be silent. It's probably like saying "I'll keep silent" about a certain subject or a secret.


Yes, exactly. In a way, tombs are sealed too. :]


Ah, yeah. I forgot about that. Interesting.


That is how the Dutch say it: "zwijgen als het graf", keep silent as a grave.


I wouldn't say that "silent as a grave" is that common when spoken. It seems to be pretty common written though (there were many pages on the google search). Even so, if you were to say the sentence "My mouth is a grave" somewhat the literal translation, you'd be looked at with confusion. You could say "I will be silent like a grave" and that would be understood right away, but the most common to me is "my lips are sealed". It might be just where I live, but I'm not even sure I've ever heard anyone say "silent as a grave" except maybe in movies or books... well, and once my ex-wife who speaks Portuguese as a first language said something like "I'll be like a tombstone" which took me a little to find out what she meant, so I think they have a similar idiom in Portuguese.


Silent AS the grave is used, but not silent LIKE A grave. Not uncommon in British English at all. American? I don't know!


In America that idiom is rare. But we use Silent as a grave. Combo of both


Would make a great idiom for bad breath also.


For that we use "bafo de esgoto".


In Russian we may simply use the word "могила" ("grave") in the appropriate context. "I'll tell you if you promise not to tell anybody. You promise?" - "[I'll be silent as] A grave!"


In Russian we may just say "Могила" = "Grave" if someone asks us to keep a secret. It is usually accompanied by "pointer finger crosses the mouth" gesture, though. edit: sorry, didn't notice Hadert's comment :)


In English, we also say, "I'll take it to my grave." Same idea about keeping a secret.


The literal translation is better; my mouth is a grave. Teach us that and I'll do the swap in my head.


I completely disagree. It's much more fun to read the discussion and get both versions (and a few even contrary ideas too).


Lol my lips is a grave? (Literal)


Literal would be my mouth is a grave/tomb C:


I'm going to start saying that to people - lol!


Is this a general Portuguese saying or exclusive to Brazil?


yes, I would also like to know


Huh, I thought only "grave" means Sepultura. starts humming guitars

No but seriously, thanks for the synonym.

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