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  5. "A menina depende dos pais."

"A menina depende dos pais."

Translation:The girl depends on her parents.

December 19, 2013



Shouldn't the proper translation be the girl depends on the parents? I see no possessive adjectives here...


Right. When there is a family relationship, it isn't necessary to use possessive adjectives. The article is sufficient.


That's what I also think although this sentence wouldn't make a lot of sense (unless it was "a girl depends on the parents" or some sort). But another issue, is the verb depender like gostar so it needs an additional "de" with it?


Yes, you are right: the Linguee site has 'depender de' as a verb, meaning 'to depend on, to rely on'. With 'os pais' here assumed to mean 'her parents' and remembering the obligatory contraction (de + os --> dos), the translation is almost as you suggest - but watch out for the Pt 'a' to En 'a' trap - it has caught me enough times!


I have the same question, doesn't really make sense to me


Duo says that this could also be "the girl depends on her parents." Wouldn't you need to use "dela" for it to be "her parents" instead of "the parents" or is this just an implied/obvious thing?


The sentence implies that THE parents are HER parents, so 'dela' isn't needed.


shouldn't it be naqela pais??


no, her = seus, suas, dela.


naquela= in/at/on that (the "that" is fem)

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