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All Duolingo's Esperanto: Tips & Notes

Saluton, guys!

I'm already in Esperanto level 6 and I thought it would be nice to have all "Tips & Notes" from this course at hand. After a little bit of research and thanks to some helpful folks at reddit, I found a JS script written by GitHub user dfpeterson, that allows you to extract a HTML version of any Duolingo course's Tips & Notes.

From the HTML version for this course, I created an edited PDF version which you can use to review all Esperanto's Tips & Notes.

If you want to extract the HTML from any other course, these are the steps to follow:

1) Go to the Duolingo course you want to extract the Tips & Notes from.

2) If you are in Chrome, press Ctrl + Shift + J. With the console open, paste the script found here. If you are using Firefox, press Ctrl + Shift + K and paste the script from before. Note: You might have to write "allow pasting" and hit enter in order to paste the script and continue.

3) After this, you got Tips & Notes in HTML version.

All credits go the creator of the script, dfpeterson.

I hope this helps anyone who might want to review all the notes from her/his course.


Esperanto's Tips & Notes in B/W. Thanks to jirka92122 for this printer-friendly version.

January 20, 2016




Follow This:

A little script to get the notes for any language in DuoLingo To run the script in Chrome:

Open up schools.duolingo.com and create a school with the language you would like to get the notes for. Flow the steps for creating school and then open the curriculum section and open up all skills with Show More. Open the console (ctrl+shift+J) or F12. Paste the script and hit enter.

Visit https://goo.gl/1hSS3Q for more info!


Thank you for posting this.
Will it work for all the tips notes or just those of skills that I have already unlocked?


I just started a Danish course for the first time and I was able to extract the whole tips and notes. So, I think, it works even if you haven't unlocked all the skills.


Great to know, thanks!


Precize kian mi bezonis.


Multan dankon!


tio cxi estas mirinda, dankon!


Wow, this is great! Dankon! :)

For anyone who is interested, I am working on a giant document that includes the lessons (vocabulary, sentences, and copied/pasted comments from folks who gave great explanations in the comments) as well as the Tips & Notes. I am doing this for the whole course, and I want to share it with everyone here! I am working on this document as I go along, so as soon as I finish the Esperanto tree, I will share it. :)


Oh, that would be nice!


(Here) is my discussion post about it! I've decided to split it up into six parts. Parts 1 and 2 have been released! I will begin working on Part 3 soon. :)


Dankon, ĝi estas tre utila.


Dankon! Vi estas plej bona!

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