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  5. "They do not hear the horse."

"They do not hear the horse."

Translation:Oni nie słyszą konia.

January 20, 2016



Why is this one and not oni. The sentence does not signify gender for thr they.


"One nie słyszą konia", Oni nie słyszą konia, nie słyszą konia are all correct, if DUO does not accept report when you can


One is for girls and Oni for boys... So for THEY could two of the answers be right.


I tried all of 3 answers and non of them work, it wont let me go to the next level


We don't know what the answers were for you, but most probably you need to check two of them: "Oni nie słyszą konia" and "One nie słyszą konia", as they're both correct.


I haven't been able to figure out the distinction between "oni" and "one." Is that gender? Is one a female "they" and the other a male "they"?

I know by trial and error that i need to mark both to get the correct answer.


Almost, yeah.

"One" consists of only women.

"Oni" includes at least one man.

Well, theoretically "one" could also describe cats, or boxes, or trees - but such a usage is rare. Oh, also "dzieci" (children) are "one" even if these particular "children" you are describing are all-male.


Ah. Spanish is similar. Thank you.


Do you have any tips how I can tell the difference between słyszą i słuchą? --- when to use which? "Słuchać" is the infinitive i am used to using.... DZIĘKI!


Słuchać - to listen to

Słyszeć - to hear

"słuchą" is not a verb form, it should be słuchają


Dzięki! I always have difficulty remembering that conjunction form. J!!!!

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