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  5. "I read him a book."

"I read him a book."

Translation:Ben ona bir kitap okurum.

January 20, 2016



"ona" is dative case. It means "to him/her/it" or "for him/her/it" e.g I read to him, I do it for her.

"onu" is accusative (direct object) and usually translates as simply "him/her/it" e.g I read it, I see him, I love her.


I don't really know how to explain but it's like I like him: onu seviyorum. I hug him: ona sarılıyorum. I eat it: onu yiyorum. I touch it: ona dokunuyorum


the -na is "to" (think bana/ sana....) -nu is "in" so like with love you don't love TO them you love IN them. same with a hug (sarıl) you give TO them a hug, not in them.


Is it common to say "Ben ..." or more likely just to say "Ona ... okurum"?


Kitap or kitab??? What's the difference??


"kitab" isn't a word and "kitap" is :)


Kitap is the actual word. But you are right that "p" sometimes turns to "b" when it gets certain suffixes. For instance it becomes "kitabın" (of book). But there is no such affixes in here so its in its nominative form "kitap". If sentence were "I give him the book", it would be "Ben ona kitabı veririm"


Take me back to the previous color This is disturbing me


Why is 'okuyorum' wrong. How would the English senencebe phrased, to get okuyorum as a right answer? "I am reading him a book"?

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