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Difference between "Ce livre est nouveau" and "Ça livre est nouveau"

I thought that Ce meant this and Ça meant that, but it marked "Ça livre est nouveau" as an incorrect translation of "That book is new". Was I wrong?

June 3, 2012



Minus context, « ce » (the adjective) means either THIS or THAT. Later you'll see that suffixes can be added for clarity: « ce X-ci » = this X; « ce X-là » = that X. « Ça » is a pronoun.


so that means there is no expression like "Ça livre est nouveau." ? Right?


Right, « ça » will not precede a noun.


Can I ask another question? Say: This book is red - Ce livre est rouge This is a red book - ? (I though of C'est un livre rouge, but I am not sure)


"c'est un livre rouge" or "ceci est un livre rouge" (emphasis on "this")


Thank you so much, now I got it!


'ça' (=cela) is a pronoun, i.e. never changes. 'ce' is an adjective like 'cet' (masculine, in front of a word starting with a vowel, like 'cet objet') ; 'cette' (feminine) and 'ces' (all plurals).


Hi everybody!

I don't Know from what country you are. I am a Italian girl from Turin (north-west of Italy - Piedmont -). Morrac, I allow myself to give you some exemple:

ça: 1- Oui, c'est bon ça. --> it means: "This thing is good"; 2- ça me semble une papillon. --> " This seams to me a butterfly"; 3- Je ne connais pas ça. --> " I don't know this".

ce- cet- cette: 1- Ce canard est blanc. --> "This duck is white". 2- Cette chatte est lourde. --> " This duck is heavy". 3- Cet homme est un batard. --> " This man is a bastard".

I hope my examples are clear! See you soon here!

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