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Y U No Use Local Storage!!!

The worst thing ever – completing a lesson only to have the site timeout due to some network hiccup just as you finish. I have had this happen to me on many occasions and it's by far the MOST frustrating thing for me on Duolingo. You spend 30 minutes hammering through a hard lesson, it's your second or third time, and you finally make it to the end only to have it hang, then send you back to the home page without registering the lesson completion. Please....please..please. Fix this. Briefly store the lesson completion in local storage for the love of god so that network issues don't ruin a completed lesson.

[still love the site]

December 19, 2013



I agree, this happens to me all the time :(


Another user was having a similar issue and it was resolved. Try the suggestions in this thread:http://www.duolingo.com/comment/1303307$from_email=comment_id=1305104

Update: if that link seems to be having problems, copy and paste it into your browser.

Let us know if that helps.


Thanks for the note. It's not a consistent issue, but rather something that happens when the app is running very slow and the xhr request times out (at the worst possible time). The problem is, once that happens, the points are not logged to the server and the page is in a dead state until refreshed or a new view is loaded. Since there is no local storage/cookie to track the completion it just disappears. If I refresh the page it's the same as refreshing in the middle of a lesson, just starts over. I've cleared my browser cache several times over the past year and the issue persists.

Simple solution – track lesson progress locally (ie local storage, or via a cookie) so that if there's any network hiccups things recover gracefully and we still get our credit for the lesson completion.


Unfortunately, I don't know much about the apps, just what I pick up from conversations on the website. I wish I knew more and could assist you.

From this point, however, I would suggest that you move this to the troubleshooting forum and see if there is anything else they can suggest.

Instructions for moving this thread are in the link I posted above if you decide you want to move it.

Duolingo is constantly updating and improving things. I can only imagine how long the To Do list must be. But, bringing it to their attention certainly wouldn't hurt anything.


Great, thanks. I've moved the thread.


Perhaps we should have the option to locally store some lessons? This would help people with poor connections. Also, sometimes when I go away I don't have internet, so it would be great to have lessons ready and have my progress uploaded when I return. And, of course, the option the remove from local storage. This way the amount of disk space used is minimised and only the lessons the user wants are saved/cached.

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