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  5. "Я люблю читати."

"Я люблю читати."

Translation:I like to read.

January 20, 2016



Я хочу читати Тарас Шевченко по Українською!


Правильно сказати просто українською чи по-українськи , але не "по Українською"))))


Дякую мій друг! Вибачте. My ability to write in Ukrainian is limited. Can you tell me in English why "по Українською" is wrong?


ok I will try))) because our langusge has adverbs also, and they create with suffix and prefix, "українською" created with suffix (-ськ-) and "по-українськи "created with prefix ( по-) and suffix (-ки) both, So "по Українською" are two independent and separated worlds: adverb "українською" and preposition "по" (on, over). If you have some problems - write me on my account


Thank you for explaining!


Я теж хочу читати Шевченко по українською! У мене є Кобзар, але це я не читаю. XD


Я хочу читати ТАРАСА ШЕВЧЕНКА українською!

Animate masculine nouns take the genitive in the accusative. What?? What it means is masculine nouns normally don't change in the accusative ("table" is the same in the nominative and the accusative: Це - стіль. Я бачу стіль; unlike "shirt": Це - сорочка. Я бачу сорочку.). But when that masculine noun is a person or an animal, it DOES change, and it changes like it would in the genitive: Це - Тарас Шевченко. Я бачу Тараса Шевченка.


"Читати" comes straight from Polish!


It is the same in Serbo-Croatian and similar in Belorussian. It comes from Proto-Slavic.


That makes sense. I only said Polish because Ukrainian has a large number of words that come from it.


That is true. There are also some false friends, like "owoc" - "fruit" and "овоч" - "vegetable," or "dywan" - "carpet" and "диван" - "sofa".


Я не люблю читати; your translation: I do not like reading. Я люблю читати; your translation: I like to read. Why this difference. Thank you for your reply.

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