"Rozmawiamy o pogodzie."

Translation:We are talking about the weather.

January 20, 2016

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Wonderful weather we're having.


Oh, yes...though I think it might rain later.


Why is "We are talking about the weather" not an acceptable answer?


It is accepted, it should have worked. It even seems better to me, so I made it the default answer.


Thanks Jellei, I agree with you - both are good but in my experience, "talking" would probably be more common than "speaking" in this context.


...and I agree with you. "Talking" is more common because I have heard that "to speak" is used only in formal situations and when one states what language(s) he/she speaks ("I speak X" (insert language(s) here)). So, unless one is at a job interview or talking to his/her boss, the verb "to talk" will almost always be used.

I believe that is true for all English variations (British English, American English, and so on).


As a native English speaker, I think in general you're on the right track, but not quite accurate. One would definitely say "I speak X language" (rather than use "talk" - which would clearly sound wrong unless you're a Cockney) but I wouldn't say that in other cases "to speak" is ONLY used in formal situations - that's a little too prescriptive and not necessarily true. This is a rather "grey" area but in general I would say that "to talk" is more common and can be used in both formal and informal conversations. However, I suppose "to speak" may arguably sound a little more "educated" in certain situations.


To me (as a non-native speaker), "we are speaking about the weather" seems a bit more likely to mean that there are some people speaking to an audience, while "we are talking" is closer to having a conversation. Do you native speakers agree?


Why is "we are discussing the weather" incorrect? Is there some distinction in "rozmawiamy" that does not allow for that interpretation?


It does have its own verb, but still, we decided to accept it wherever it makes sense. Added here.


"to discuss" has its own verb (dyskutowańá).

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