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  5. "Кто в их комнате?"

"Кто в их комнате?"

Translation:Who is in their room?

January 20, 2016



Why is the possessive pronoun here not changed to "них" after the preposition "в"?


Possessives "его" "её" "их" (third person) never change.

It is not the same as the genitive (and accusative) forms of "он" "она" "оно" "они". Even though those forms look the same as the possessive, they are not and it is those forms that are prefixed with "н" after prepositions.

For example "У них есть масло", genitive "их" is being used here and not the possesive "их", so that gets changed to "них".


Ah, i learn something from this example. This sentence can also be translated as "Who are in their house?" when you see several people in the house. Unfortunately, no distinction in words :)


Sorry, but it can't mean it, as 'комната' is a room and not a house


That's a precarious situation!


Хто у них в комнате? Это правильно?


So "их" can mean both "their" and "from" ?


No, "from" is из


oh wow thanks, I can't believe I confused those two


Don't worry. I've made the exact same mistake and even post it here, to only realize it a couple of minutes later, then I came back here and deleted my post, hehe


Mind your own business... Why poke your nose into somebody else's room?


Because Vera might be in there and we need to know.


"who are in their room?" Why is it not accepted? Hearing two persons talking, one would say so.


I see this is preposition due to ending. But this could also be комнату according to an earlier example... It is very hard to know when to use which. Imagine I point at some people while saying this кто в их комнату. ending changes, because now we have a direction?


The prepositional case: "Комнате" is used when you're expressing position.

"They are in the room"

The accusative case: "Комнату" is used when expressing movement towards that place. A direction.

"They're going to the room"


In another question in this very lesson the Russian "in my room" was "у меня в комнате". can I use here "у них в комнате"? and can I use there "в меня комнате"? If not, what is the difference?

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