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  5. "Noi due ci conosciamo?"

"Noi due ci conosciamo?"

Translation:Do we know each other?

December 19, 2013



I think "do we two know each other?" should also be accepted


I think the reason they don't accept that is because the word for two is standing in for the word for we. It's just a more accurate translation of the phrase, even if it's not as literal a translation as it could be. Shows the casualness of the sentence. You have to admit, there are many native English speakers that would be confused if that was given as a possible example. Not all of us know the language as well as others unfortunately.


It is now accepted - that was my answer!


You're right, and it is now.


It is accepted now.


why not "have we met?"


"Haaaaaave you met Ted?" haha sorry, that Barney Stinson reference is so powerful.


While conoscere does also mean "to meet" as well as meaning "to know", "Have we met?" is a present perfect tense, so I guess it would technically be better translated as "Noi due ci siamo conosciuto?"


I think you are absolutely right (except it would be conosciuti). And conoscere tends to mean "to meet" only in perfect tenses.


My personal take on this: We all know that "noi" is taken to mean "we" or "us", but you never know the exact size of the group, so the "due" (which is "two" in Italian) is to indicate that there is only two people.

Then, as stated in another comment, "ci conosciamo" means "we know each other".

Basically, at least I think, the "ci" is just for added emphasis or sound (or it could be the other way around, that the "noi due" is optional, which is also said in the comments.)

Either way, the sentence now roughly says "we know each other?" so you just add "Do" in the front to make it a proper question (in English, that is.)


I am never using any of this...this is awkward for both of us duolingo


"Do the two of us know each other?"

Is this roughly correct as well?


Yes - but roughly correct sometimes doesn't cut it with DL! I think it's a valid translation, though.


That is more than roughly correct, I'd say.


Yeah, I should have said it IS correct, just not what DL was expecting...


It's just a detail, but i think it should be 'does' and not 'do', because the subject in the sentence would be 'two' which is in the third person.


i am not sure why we need "ci" there! :(


Here the reflexive verb "conoscersi" is used, rather than "conoscere" so it requires the reflexive pronoun - in this case "ci". Without it, it would just mean "do we know...?" http://italian.about.com/library/verb/blverb_conoscersi.htm


ohhhh I see. thanks so much!!


"Have we met?" is accepted, fyi.


I translated as 'are we not acquintances?' It didn't count, though it has the same meaning. I've been studying italian for 4 days, how should I know all these words and forms of a verb


The Duo marking process is a fuzzy thing (as are languages), which gets updated as users suggest more exotic, albeit technically correct, answers, perhaps like yours.
This is why they let you tell them when you believe an answer should have been accepted.
You must take care in assessing the validity of your "false negative" answers though, paying attention to any grammar differences that would change the meaning of the sentence too much, whatever that might mean.
If you get marked wrong and think you shouldn't've been, check the comments, try Google Translate (though it's not perfect), and make sure you can convince yourself why your answer should be a correct one (which isn't always easy) before flagging it as a "false negative".
Remember, Duo shouldn't be your only source for learning your new language. It's the weird problems that have you scouring the Internet for answers that really get you into the learning process.
Have fun.


Brett Skinner agrees with my answer. Come on! Ran out of hearts because. of this.


If this is a pickup line, I thought it should be "Do I know you?"


this actually sounds kinda cold. More like what a girl you don't know might say if you went straight up to her and said "hey, so do you like this band?". Plus the noi due tragically unneeded


I thought 'ci' was pronounced chee. I thought it said 'si.' =(


always sounds chee. C before e and i is always like the english "ch". On the other hand to make it sound k you must add an h. E.g.: che c'è [ke chay] = what is it


It does say "si" in slow mode. There's at least one other sentence (I don't remember which one) in which "ci" is pronounced "si" when slowed down.


What is the function of "ci" here?


Because the verb is reflexive, "conoscersi", and it means "to know someone". The second plural person is "noi ci conosciamo".


Can we say "Ci conosciamo noi due?"


If this is supposed to be a way of telling someone to piss off then it's ok. But if you mean it as a pick-up line then usually you would say "non ci siamo già visti da qualche parte?".


In what sense does due mean "very low fail"??


Mrule, I think so too!


Does anybody think that these frases are only build ups for better phrases like "my compliments to your mother for having such a beutiful daugther" or "do we know each other? Of course not, i couldnt be able to forget those eyes" or something like that


What's the meaning and use of "ci"?


Altough not widely used and sounding a bit formal, the "Are we acquainted?" should also count as a valid answer.


Can someone please explain to me why "ci" is used in this sentence? What does it mean?


Simply "ci conosciamo?" is a more natural and common way to say this.


Duolingo so got me, just speeding through amd I click offer instead of other lol sly AF. Well played green birdy, well played.


Really? All this is totally sexist


Us two know each other? Should be allowed right.


Do we know you? or do we know each other?... again is there a difference?


That's a good flirting phrase in the home for dement people. Every day a new love! :-)


Please don't use this as a pick up line. Its awkward


After these horrible pick up lines, I wish we didn't <_<


No, I don't know you!


we think that this site make something else than it say when we put the mouse on the word. now we are very mad


this isn´t flirty it is dumb


I don't know why I find this sentence to be so confusing. I've tried repeating it and I still can't seem to remember it.


Why not, 'us two know each other' we two is just poor English


I couldn't figure this one out. Lol. Good times, fellow, Esperanto learners.


I would say this often, because I never remembered all the people I knew and sometimes I wasn't sure whether I knew the person I saw or not. Then I learned that this was a pick-up line hahahah

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