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"Eğer onunla karşılaşsaydık ben onunla yemek yerdim."

Translation:If we had met I would have eaten with him.

January 21, 2016



Do you think this verb is formed from ulaşmak, to arrive at? Since karşılaşmak means to meet in the sense of running into someone or coming up against them?


karşı means against or opposite so the verb karşılaşmak comes from that. if you already have arranged to meet someone it would be buluşmak though. if you meet someone for the first time then it would be tanışmak. i can't relate any of these verbs with ulaşmak. are you asking this in terms of etymology?


-laş- (-leş-) is a fairly common suffix, composed of the two suffixes -lE- + -ş-.

ulaşmak also contains -ş- but that's apparently the only commonality; the -la- in ulaşmak is part of the stem while in karşılaşmak it's a suffix.


Yes, etymology, just curious. Words are easier to learn when we see the parts.


wouldnt this sentence mean "if we had met with her" instead of "if i had met with her"?


It can be either or actually. When you do "something with someone" the someone is also conjugated into the verb. Like "Ben onun oraya gittik." (notice the we form on the verb)


Where is the 'onunla' (second word in the sentence) in the translation? Does the '-dık' ending combine with that 'him/her/it' to eliminate it? We and him comes 'we'? weird...

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