"Memurlar sık sık çay içer."

Translation:The officers often drink tea.

January 21, 2016

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Second time I've gotten "memur" wrong. Why isn't "official" an alternate translation?


I have reported this many times for many sentences. "Official" should be the main translation as "memur" only means "officer" in exceptional cases such as "police officer" (if there are any more exceptions I do not know them).


I agree. I reported it (Jan '21)


Could course editors make sure we learn words before we have to recognise them in speech please?


I don't think the Course Contributors have any control over the order that things appear. However, if you'd like you can sign up free with elon.io. They have a list of the vocab for each Duo lesson if you want to go through them before you start a new skill here. :-)

They also use SRS (spaced repetition system), which helps you put new words into your long-term memory. And Duo will allow you to re-enforce and practice grammar /context. In my opinion, these two sites make a good pair.


Wow! Thank you very much!


I am not English speaking and sometimes I change the sequence of the words. Wrong! It seems I must learn English too which is not my aim.


English is pretty flexible with word order. You could also say "Often, the officers drink tea." The problem may be Duo.


"Memurlar sık, sık çay içer." Translation: The officers often drink tea.


"The officers drink tea often."

Correct other English answer accepted by Duo.


Since Duolingo is not available in many other languages , for me as a english second language speaker is difficult to follow the correct formation of the sentence or the right order of the words in it. So I wish Duo was a bit more flexible in regards of English.


Why içer and not içerler


In this app Sık sık means frequent, so why when i translated it to"the officers drink tea frequent" is wrong?


Hello randosh

"Memurlar sık, sık çay içer." The officers often drink tea.

"The officers drink tea often."

In this app Sık sık means frequent, so why when i translated it to "the officers drink tea frequent" is wrong?

Sık sık (adverb) -> "often."

Frequent (adjective) -> "occurring or done many times at short intervals."

Frequently (adverb) -> "regularly, often."

It has to be, "frequently" as defined by, "Wiktionary" which is recommended by Duo.

The Turkish adverb, "sık sık" means, "frequently" in English.

You are learning Turkish using a smart phone I guess?

Please ask Duo to check your app. Is it correct?

This English answer should be accepted by Duo;

"The officers drink tea frequently."

Thank you.


Does a single 'sık' also mean something or is it always used in pair?

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