"Новий одяг, нове взуття, нова спідниця."

Translation:New clothes, new shoes, a new skirt.

January 21, 2016

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(replies are currently bit not working). I would disagree with Adrian, and have reported as well. "A new skirt" should be accepted, but not mandatory, as the question now behaves. If someone is simply speaking a list (as this appears to be doing), and not a complete sentence, it is acceptable to leave out the "a".


And now it is not accepting the answer without the "a"... Do we need a PhD in English to learn Ukrainian?


Hello What is the difference between туфлі and взуття ?


Взуття - why is footwear not accepted?


Another huge mistake by duolingo. My wife teaches the Ukrainian language. She constantly picks up errors such as this in duolingo. Взуття IS NOT SHOES. If is always "footwear".


Why is it "Нове взуття" instead of "Нова"?


"Взуття" is a neuter noun, as indicated by the "тт + consonant " ending. This example shows three different endings for the adjective: новий (masculine), нове (neuter), and нова (feminine).


A wrong answer for a typo...interesting Some you let go but some you don't - don't understand the standard?


Why is it "Нове взуття" Why not "Нова"?


"new clothes new footware a new skirt" Why not?


English translation is wrong - it should be a new skirt. Reported


I disagree about the English translation here. I suggested: "A new clothing" here, you insisted on "The new clothing". 1) Одяг seems to me to be singular. If so, the first and the third items should agree as to the use of article. 2) The absence of article in Ukranian would indicate the indefinite article in English here, especially since the article is included with the third item. But since this seems to be a list of three things, if anything is wrong with my suggestion, it would be to skip the articles in both the first and the third items on the list.

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