"Bierzcie i jedzcie."

Translation:Take and eat.

January 21, 2016

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That would work, but the actual phrase is 'Bierzcie i jedzcie, to jest ciało moje'


There must be at least one "bowiem" in there too! :) Church language: doing what it can to make Polish twice as difficult to comprehend. :)


"Take and eat," is bad English, unless it's the name of a cafeteria. Hahaha

It should be "Take it, and eat it."


Added "Take it and eat it" and "Take this and eat it", as it seems the most Biblical according to what I quickly found.


Here it's "Take this and eat of it" (at least in the Latin church).


It wouldn't be said that easy outside of church though


What is take and eat supposed to mean here? / What is the context it is used in? Due to the awkwardness of the phrasing I assumed it was a literal translation of one of the two options a fast food place gives you... "Eat in." or "Take away."


Frankly, it's a fragment of a mass: "Bierzcie i jedzcie z tego wszyscy" (Take, and eat out of it, everyone - literally). But "adding 'it' works as well.

So... whatever context you will find to use it, almost everyone in Poland will still connect it with church.


Can only hope at some point at least they'll ease off on this literal translation thing, be it only slightly. I could rather understand if Duolingo wouldn't excuse typos as it does, considering that at least these are actual mistakes or really mishaps (and sometimes slipped through errors!). But if I provide here "take it and eat it" it's neither nor, just a tad silly. 30-50% of my errors are due to this, though I've stopped reporting it. Someone will know by now.


A jak będzie wyglądać: "Take and go"? "To go" w sensie "jechać".


Then "Bierzcie i jedźcie".


Grap? Didn't you mean "grab"? Still seems to be kinda different...

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