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  5. "Kultura czy nauka?"

"Kultura czy nauka?"

Translation:Culture or science?

January 21, 2016



At the Pałac Kultury i Nauki you can get both. ;)


A valid translation for this, IMHO, would be "Arts or science?" At least that was how my school was divided.


Well, "arts" is 'sztuka'. I don't think the author had something specific in mind. Or just the Palace of Culture and Science ;)


I don't think this is a complete sentence. I would not use a question mark for this exercise.


"A or B?" seems like a normal question to me, which one you prefer.

Of course, normally it's put in some context.


Where is the verb in this sentence or question? Are you telling me, I don't need a verb to make a sentence? "Or" is a conjunction.


"Paper or plastic?" is, or at least, used to be, a perfectly valid question in US supermarkets at the checkout. The rest of the question "Do you want..." can be inferred by the listener.

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