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Any recommendations for intermediate level on Kanal D?

January 21, 2016



Yalan dünya is a sitcom. Give it a try, see if it suits you.

Beyaz Show is a late night Show. People therefore speak in a natural way, no acting no script. So that might be useful.

Arka Sokaklar is like those CSI series, but a more "slum" version. :D

Ben Bilmem Eşim Bilir is a game show. People do talk of course, but it's more a show about playing various games. If that's your thing, give it a shot.

Çarkıfelek is a word game show, sort of like hangman. So that might be useful for learning new vocabulary.

The rest is drama. Çalıkuşu is the series made from a book with the same title. It's one of the classics, but I don't like the series too much.


Beyaz Show was also a show one of my Turkish tutors recommended. (I've only watched one episode so far, though.)


Poyraz Karayel is one of the best TV series broadcasted by KanalD. I cannot really say if it is easy understand, just try.


This website is very cool but it is obviously prepared for visually or audibly impaired people so if you are considered neither of them it would be exhausting to follow the story in these videos.

I think you should look for Turkish subtitles for only audibly impaired people. This youtube channel has a couple of Turkish movies with subtitles available: https://www.youtube.com/user/AltyaziliDil

And here they are the Turkish movies that have Turkish subtitles with the links to download them. http://bit.ly/1OMq3lf


In that YouTube channel, the subtitles of Çalıkuşu 1 and 2 don't have Turkish characters in them. So that might not be so useful for learners. Episode 3 seems to be correctly subtitled though.

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