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"My mother likes to read books."

Translation:A mi madre le gusta leer libros.

January 14, 2013



is it really wrong to put los libros instead of just libros?


It doesnt seem like a grammatically correct senetence. Better to say the equivalent of those books or these books.


What's wrong with "le gusta a mi madre leer los libros"?


Here is an explanation that I found helpful. I didn't know about the "personal a"


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That's a very helpful link, thanks!


I thought I understood that gusta agreed with the object doing the pleasing, now it agrees with the person being 'pleased' by. Help


It does agree with the object doing the pleasing, not the person. The "le" is the reflexive (not sure that's the correct term?) referring to the mother, and the "gusta" is just a singular verb referring to the act of reading. If it were referring to "books" then it would be a plural verb.


I still don't get this, if it had been my mother likes to read, I would understand, but my mother likes to read books, I must be stupid but it seems the books are the things doing the pleasing rather than the reading per se. I will just stumble on, have to fall into getting it right sometime!


In English it would be the difference between "Reading books pleases my mother" and "Books please my mother." In the first case you would not use a plural verb.


You need the "a" because "mi madre" is the object, rather than the subject, of the sentence. ( "le" is the indirect object pronoun meaning, in this case, "for/to her"). A way of translating the sentence which might help would be "Reading books is pleasant for my mother".


Ah, that makes sense. Thanks!


Thank you so much! I lost my final heart on this question! :-(

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I wrote "Le gusta leer libros a mi madre". What's wrong with that?


With that construction it could mean "He likes to read books to my mother"


Can someone please explain to me again when we would use "se" rather than "le"? Gracias


I got this one wrong with: "A mi madre la gusta leer libros". Why is it wrong to use "la" in this sentence?


What does the "A" do here? Why is the sentence incorrect without it? I know about the personal a, but now wouldn't be a proper place for it, would it?


I love the need to place random words like "a" and "le" in random places in Spanish sentences.


I don't think word order is important here. putting a mi madre at the end should be acceptable.

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