"I like red meat."

Translation:Lubię czerwone mięso.

January 21, 2016

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"Mięso" definitely doesn't refer to fish and usually not to poultry. i.e. it means "red meat" in English.


I disagree. Depending on context, it can refer either to the flesh of any, generic animal ("I wonder what wombat meat tastes like") or exclusively red meat ("Meat and three veg").


I'm not sure who/what you disagree with. My point was that "red meat" does not mean meat that is bright red in colour which is what "czerwone mięso" means. I obviously agree that red meat is a kind of meat. In my experience "mięso" is usually used to refer to pork, beef, veal, mutton, venison, boar, i.e. "red meat" in English. I assume that everyone agrees with me that "ryba to nie mięso" in Polish, right?


Apologies. I think I typed this response late at night (which would explain why it's not an actual reply) and assumed you were talking about the English word "meat". Which, again, not sure how I managed to do since it clearly says "mięso" in your post.


So all the advice about not studying (e.g. on Duolingo) late at night is true! :D


Ahaha, it's better than nothing. Just.


oopsss... Im the one literally ALWAYS studying here only near midnight :>


Drób to nie mięso?


Why "podoba mi się czerwone mięso" isn't accepted?


It's quite a strange thing to say, it means that you generally think that red meat looks good...

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