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  5. "¿Quieres ser mi novia?"

"¿Quieres ser mi novia?"

Translation:Do you want to be my girlfriend?

December 19, 2013

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Would a Spanish speaker actually say something like this? In the U.S., I can only envision an 8 year old using this sentence.


I'm Spanish and, of course, no. You use subtler ways to ask that.


Ejemplos, por favor


For those of us learning Spanish these questions are very helpful. I may not ask a woman to be my girlfriend in this way, but I'm may ask someone "Do you want to be my designated driver?" Using this question as a guide I only need to know how to say designated driver (conductor designado) to replace girlfriend.


I don't get why we cant just say "Want", not "You Want"


Its not proper ingles. "Want some food" isnt proper, but " do you want some food" is.


English frequently drops 'you' when it is the subject of the sentence. An implied you is used for most imperatives and a lot of questions. A century ago it would have been wrong, but now it's only the difference between formal and unformal.

I kind of object to this question marking native english speakers wrong for using the more colloquial translation ...


i used it and she /said yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and wouldn't do you want to be my girl would that work yes/no?

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Novia also means bride... but it tells me it's wrong?


I think that's only in Spain, but I might be wrong.

Esposa would be bride in most Spanish speaking places.

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No. As a native Spanish speaker, esposa means wife, and also handcuff. Novia is both girlfriend and bride.


I had the impression it was closer to fiancee (after engaged but before married) than bride (at wedding and after married). A bachlorette party is held for the bride-to-be


I am a native speaker,and I even live in south america. novia in brazil is wife,almost all the other countries it will be esposa for wife( I'm assuming,sice the spanish is from spain,it's like that to). but bride in Colombia south america is novia


Why isnt the you understood? Everything else is!!


Why is it wrong to have Quieres eres mi novia? Is it because quieres already conjugated the ''you'' or am I not even close?


Basically yea. Because you are saying "Do you want", querer is conjugated to "quieres". So since you conjugated querer, you can't conjugate ser. If I said "Quieres eres mi novia" it'd be like saying "Do you want you be my girlfriend?" If you don't conjugate a verb, then the verb is always "to _". So ser unconjugated would be "to be". Does that make sense?


That pretty much makes sense. Thanks!


How do you know what they mean? It could be bf, gf, bride or even fiance....


Is ser not a constant of being? Would Quieres estas mi novia be better?


Let me start with a disclaimer that I'm no expert yet, but it seems that you need to use the infinitive "to be" form of the verb after "do you want", just like we do in English.


With relationships ser is used instead of estar and Dreamer71 is correct it's an infinitive in this sentence because only the first verb is conjugated. Quieres (ser) = Do you want (to be).

I guess in most cases a relationship is considered permanent. Mother/daughter, Aunt/nephew. Even friendships and romantic relationships are typically more permanent than things like current location and feelings.


Is anyone else seeing this phrase repeat a lot? I am getting over and over, alternating with "Tienes novia." It seem like a technichal glitch.


It is using repetition as a form of teaching. Not a glitch.


apparently they accept "Bride" for novia....which technically translates to girlfriend....idk which is which.....so i could be asking the girl two lockers down from me to either go out with me or spend the rest of my life with me.....


Girl speaker says quieres ser mi novia?

Shuld a man say quieres ser mi novio?


novia = girlfriend
novio = boyfriend
Regardless of whether it's a male or female saying the words.


Would not accept "wanna" instead of want to

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