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  5. "большие туфли"

"большие туфли"

Translation:the big shoes

January 21, 2016



In an earlier lesson we learned обувь for "shoes, footwear". Now we have туфли for "shoes". The pictures seem show them as sort of the same thing.. Are these just synonyms or is there some nuance of difference between them?


Туфли (women's and men's)



The picture they used for туфли aat the beginning of the lesson showwed a pair of very informal (decorated) tennis shoes. I get that обувь is all kinds of footwear, but the shoes you show for туфли seem to be dress shoes. The gym shoes wouldn't fit?


I think not. Sports shoes are usually called "кроссовки" (running shoes) or "кеды" (plimsoll).


Thanks. This has been helpful.


Ok, let me get this straight:

Обувь = shoes (any)

Кроссовки = sneakers

But then there's also спортивная обувь = sports shoes

Туфли : can also mean any shoes, but usually, one says "туфли бальные " = pumps (both for men and women)

And finally, there's ботинки: they are not necessarily boots, but seems to refer mostly to sturdy shoes.

Btw, here's a dictionary that also shows synonyms and many examples: https://tr-ex.me/translation/russian-english


In America, there is an English expression "Those are some big shoes to fill." It means that the person (who would be the one with the big shoes) did such a fantastic job of something, that they would be "a tough act to follow." Is "большие туфли" ever used that way by Russians?


No. He is a role model? About such a person we say "Он(а) - образец для подражания".

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