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  5. "Nie jestem ofiarą."

"Nie jestem ofiarą."

Translation:I am not a victim.

January 21, 2016



Compare to German: Opfer.


Compare to Belarusian: ахвяра.


meaning it also means sacrifice or offering (source: comments below)


i am no victim? --> why is this wrong?


It seems to me that words ending in 'ę' or 'ą' always or almost always stress the penultimate syllable, rather than the final syllable. Is this a general rule?


All words almost always stress the penultimate syllable ;) If you hear a word pronounced by the Duolingo TTS differently than with stress on the penultimate syllable, it's almost certainly wrong - the number of exceptions to this is quite small.


I have to ask...from all the things we could be learning in this lesson, why are these topics of victims and national pride chosen? I don´t mean to criticise or spark a debate, I am just curious about the choices :)


I fail to see what's strange about those words.


I think that what s/he indirectly referred to is the above-average tendency of Poland towards Conservatism and patriotism, at least in politics. Such tendencies are seldom seen in these days, except for particular nations. Only recently, Duda narrowly won against his liberal opponent whose name I still cannot remember by heart (only his first name, Rafał. I only opine, I don't know. As for the topic of victims, I don't know either.


Not at all. I just wonder why we learn about soldiers and police investigations before even learning the numbers. It's a curious choice, politics aside :)


I too am surprised that the »Time« course was linked with the first numbers (01 to 100, e.g.) so that we could also learn how to say what time it is, or to ask for this. On the other hand, I am still nervous about reaching the course for numbers as I fear it's going to be as difficult as it is in Czech, the latter's lack for vowels aside. :D I also try to avoid politics in Duolingo, especially with a language that is so Conservative in terms of its speakers. Duolingo is a place for learning languages, Twitter is for politics. :D


I'm a native speaker and even I fear Polish numbers, especially the number 2. There are way too many tenses of the number 2.


Well, numbers are surely very difficult in Polish, so it's one reason to wait before introducing them.


sammelst Du Sprachen?


Das machen sehr viele hier :)


Vermutlich wird das von ModeratorInnen erwartet ;)


Can ofiara be translated as "donation"?


donation is something that you give, a victim is something that you are


Perhaps not "donate" but "sacrifice"... The reason I ask is because in Lemko dialect of Ukrainian, which has a lot of lexicon common with Polish, "ofiara" is something people donate for church.


Yes, it works in Standard Polish as well.

Just totally not in this sentence ;)


that would mean your offer yourself


This is getting surprisingly theological...


Jestem ofiarą mody.

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