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"Ojalá fuera bizco para verte dos veces."

Translation:I wish I were cross-eyed so I could see you twice.

December 20, 2013

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This one needs better hints.


These idioms are, well, very idiomatic. Many make little sense in Spanish, and if you haven't leveled up to subjunctive verbs yet, this one is difficult.


...plus 'ojala' comes direct from Arabic. True story


Damn those Moors and their sly flirtations!


I am Arab, I think there is a complement in there. Please accept this lingot and my apology for what some idiot wrote in response to your nice comment. I wish people would wait until they have some basic proficiency before reading comments in another language and making decisions about the content of such comments.


I dout it...I speak arabic fluently, i never heard of ojala


I speak both Arabic and Spanish. I learned this phrase from my Castilian instructors. The history of Ojalá does derive from InshaAllah. Literally, Ojalá means: I wish to Allah. Sometimes, you may also see Ojalá que


It's a bastardization of insha Allah. This happens with many languages transported to other countries over time.


M Arabic too and heard of it


I am arabian and i think it derived from ' akhalo ' it means i think - or suppose , and may be used as i hope


It's easier if you've gone through the flirting section in another language. Duolingo pickup lines are universal. ;-p


When would you EVER use this one?


From now on... always!


When your girlfriend enjoys slightly offensive statements. Otherwise, never.


well it would be cute to say to a girl or funny either way you should get a smile out of her


Thats what im saying!


Yes it wss really confusing


i agree very very confusing


Other than "ojala", this is actually pretty literal, and "ojala" is used in many other contexts in Spanish. (I'm not sure where that usage shows up in Duo, though.)


This one needs to be a better pick up line.


I failed ALL BECAUSE OF THIS QUESTION!!! It doesnt make any sense


Right! and what kind of pickup line is this? lol


I don't like how "cross eyed" must be "cross-eyed" for it to be accepted :/


It didn't when I did it


Indeed! Saying ojala means ojala...that's not helpful at all!


The hints seem fine now (9 mar 2015).


I'm a kid so please don't swear


Exactly!!!! You cant translate it


I can't stop laughing, haha. I've never heard this one. I don't even care that I lost a heart for it.


I know, I can't stop laughing either. Especially since I translated this to "Hopefully I'm cross-eyed because I'm seeing two of you!"


This one is new. I'm going try it in Spanish and English. It beats "I'm not really this tall, I'm just sitting on my wallet"


Oh my God. :D

Natural shoot down: "I'm sorry you have to carry so many coupons."


I translated this as "I wish I were cross-eyed so I could see you twice."


I think this is actually the correct translation. If someone said this to me, I would think it was endearingly odd... might even work as an icebreaker if it was said with humor.


I think "endearingly odd" is the motto of the site and userbase. :-)


But why is it I where? It's "I was", isn't it?


In English subjunctive you say "I were" not "I was."

"I was at the store" (something that happened in the past) versus "I wish I were stronger."

However, it's very common to informally just say 'was' nowadays and I often mess it up myself. Kinda like "whom" is almost completely out of popularity and most people just use "who" for most situations except where it becomes awkward (e.g. "To whom am I speaking?")


Hahaha. I laughed so hard for your comment


I translated exactly the same as you.


lolol it sounds like hes cheating


IKR! This was out of control. May no one I meet ever attempt to use this one-liner. Duo has me cracking up at midnight.


I've never heard anything like this. Wow.


I care that this was my last question, I lost my my last heart and I actually got the whole thing spot on except I wrote was instead of were!


It's soooo funnnnyy...only latinos can come up with some casaca like that


Yeah. They make some great jackets over there.


That line would really win my heart.


"I wish I was cross-eyed so I could see you two times" was marked incorrect because I said "two times" instead of "twice". ya breakin' my balls duo, ya breakin my balls.


"Two times"? Don't you say "twice"? Also, is your "ya breakin' my balls duo, ya breakin my balls." line a reference to Johnny Two-times from Goodfellas? +1 if it is.


me too!, but I also put crosseyed instead of cross-eyed, so double whammy.


This one example makes going through all the others in this section worthwhile.

Here's something that will help explain it, and I hope you find it useful as well.



Scroll down to No. 3 - "unlikely events" - for the uses for the imperfect subjunctive

-- quoted --

Use Ojalá or ojalá que to express the idea of hoping for something that is unlikely to happen or are impossible.

<pre>Ojalá que nevara/nevase en Panamá mañana. (I hope it snows in Panama tomorrow.) Ojalá mi hermano se casara/casase. (I wish my brother would get married.) </pre>

-- end of quoted stuff --


Should probably accept "I wish I was..." too. The subjunctive being conjugated differently in English is dying off, and good riddance.


I totally agree. I had the same "I wish I was" and it upsets me to lose a heart after managing to work out the rest of the sentence, when hardly anyone knows how to use this properly in English. Also no subjunctive yet in this programme. Ughhhhh!


yes its sounds much better as "was" ... and there is no way "was" is incorrect


I am so glad I miss this one so that I read the comments. BTW, as an old (former and elderly) teacher of English, I still cringe when I hear, "I wished I was". re. Vandermonde. The subjunctive case may be dying, but it ain't dead yet.


It's a pity it's dying, because it makes English so much easier to understand when people use it in the right way...


Have to disagree with you on this one. The "was" as used in this sentence by me and others, is so commonly used, and sounds so normal to many native ears, that imho it should be accepted. Both "was" and "were" could be accepted, no problem. I'm all for correct English, but this use of "was" has become so much the norm as to be perfectly fine, I think.


I wrote "I was" as well- I agree that they both make sense to me. If you think about the imperfect tense, it is: I/He/She was You/We/They were

So this is why I said that and got confused as to why it marked me wrong..


It's not imperfect though; it is conditional.


Ah I understand that now!


It's actually the subjunctive, not the conditional.


Hey, I'm relatively young, and not using the subjective still sounds ghetto to me.


I believe you meant subjunctive. Also, using the word "ghetto" the way you did sounds disparaging to me.


What does "ghetto" mean? Do you mean uneducated?


I grew up in the ghetto. It's not about education... if you have never seen or experienced ghetto or even ghetto fabulousness then just letigo. You can't fully appreciate that word, how it is used here, without personally and lovingly experiencing it.

Also, a sense of humor. . .helps. :B


I have a sense of humour, don't worry, I'm just asking what that word means in this context. You still haven't explained it.


"Ghetto" in contemporary American English basically means an impoverished, (mostly) uneducated district or neighborhood.


thank you brisa75


I wrote "I wish I were cross-eyed so I could see you two times" I don't really understand why thats wrong.


two times versus twice. Honestly I'd report that and say your answer should have been accepted.


When you hover over each word it says "I hope we are crosseyed to watch you number 2" and I am crying from laughing so hard.


I translated "ojala" literally as "If only..." and it counted it wrong. There are at least three or four ways of translating this that I know of; I don't think it's strictly necessary to be slavish about the idiomatic phrase in this case.


I agree. I think that's a huge problem with this section. The Spanish phrases are all idioms, and thus the "best" English equivalent expressions are generally not going to be literal or even nearly literal translations.

For some reason, in this lesson, Duolingo is very picky about the ENGLISH equivalents, even when the ones they say are correct - like the "the one-eyed is king" - are awkward sounding to a native English speaker. I think that's counter-productive.

Incidentally, if you look here:


One of the examples given is:

"¡ojalá pudiera andar de nuevo!" - if only he could walk again!

Perhaps if you report this again, that example would help.


I don't think Duolingo translates idioms in the same way as most lessons. I believe there is an algorithm that translates words and phrases for literal translations, but idioms have to be translated manually by a person. Therefore, instead of relying on a huge library that is constantly being updated when we submit corrections, each idiomatic translation has to rely on the dictionary for that one particular sentence. Just a theory.


How come "I wish I was cross-eyed so I could see you twice" is wrong? Duolingo said that I should've used "were" instead of "was". Isn't that conjugation wrong? "I was / you were" ? What am I missing here?


You use I were because it's subjunctive, which we have in english too (it's more accurate to say "I wish I were" technically but we colloquially don't use that very much) but it's necessary in spanish to use the subjunctive form. Subjunctive basically means "hasn't happened yet" and ójala always uses it. (I gave a more detailed reply a couple comments down.)


Same thing happened to me. I failed the lesson because of it.


Normally (most cases): "I was" 1) I wish goes with were: I wish I were 2) Same with "if": If I were

I see they call it the subjunctive. The definition says subjunctive is What is wished, imagined or possible

It is more formal English I think.


Subjunctive isn't more formal English, it's actually a thing to show possibility/hasn't happened yet. I don't really know how to word it and it took years to learn when to use subjunctive (literally three years). "Ójala que" always takes subjunctive. Fuera is the imperfect subjunctive of ser in first and third person singular.


I though Ojalá was a girl's name and translated it as "Ojalá was cross-eyed after seeing you two." The hints made no sense at all to a complete newbie...


Ojalá was cross-eyed after seeing you two just might be a better line than the correct translation!


This sentence is absolutely fantastic! XD


another bit rowdier Mexican one: "tan tortas y yo sin chescos"


What does that translate to?


what cakes (slang for ass) and me without refreshments (like soda or something).


Translation for ojalá was not there


Sure it was, it translated it to "ojalá NEW WORD" lol. I was like, oh that's helpful!


I didn't have it either, so I made something up... :(


do spanish people really flirt like that


"I wish I were" instead of "I wish I was"? Really, duolingo? Correcting my English grammar?


Well, technically they are right. It is old fashioned usage though, but you can find it in grammar books.


Apparently. For us non-native English speakers (and for some native too) it seems this is not so good for Duolingo.


I translated ojalá as "if only" and I think that's a perfectly good translation in many cases, including this one. Come on, DL.


I didnt receive a hint for ojala so I got this one wrong, also, Ive never heard of this pick up line before.


Apparently I was too literal.

"I hope I was cross-eyed, so that I can see you two times."

haha.. The key to becoming fluent in spanish is to understand the sentence beyond its literal connotation.



I think the "fuera" here is the subjunctive case, which is used to express a verb that is counterfactual or uncertain. So, "Ojalá fuera" means something like, "Hopefully I were". It comes across to English more cleanly as "I wish I were".

I think you could also say something like, "Si fuera bizco, pude verte dos veces." "If I were cross-eyed, I could see you twice." In that version, both fuera and pude are subjunctive.

n.b.: I wrote "subjunctive case" there -- should've said "subjunctive mood". Case is for nouns. :-)


thanks for the insight.. :) I really appreciate it.


"I wish I were cross-eyed so I could see you two times." is wrong? C'mon, this sentence was pretty complicated for someone at a beginner level. Cut us some slack! "Two times" = "twice". I agree that "twice" sounds better and thanks for the lesson.


"I wish I was cross-eyed to see you two times " should be correct too...?


Actually, I lied Duo. I don't wish I had an inherited condition so that I would see double.


'see you of you.' is correct English however DL's translation isn't. Makes me wonder whether the Spanish I'm learning is weird like the English here is. sad face


TWO OF YOU Darn autocorrect


that's a pretty far fetchded phrase to test people on


The whole sentence had yellow words and these translations are killing me. It said hopefully not I wish...grr


Da hell that is to advanced!!!!!!!!!! For my level i just started!!!!


When i clicked to translate ojala the hint was ojala...didnt make sense at all


This one introduced Ojala to me as "new word" but gave me no hint as to what it meant.


Hints were /extremely/ misleading


Hopefully were cross-eyed for see two times


Yeah, that's pretty much what the Mexicana waitress heard, and she thought it was stupid. Could be my accent though, or maybe it's that I'm 64 and young girls find me creepy.


If I "was" cross-eyed, I "would have" seen you twice. If I were, I could


I were!! Or I was?


I hadn't come across this phrase before, so I wrote, " Am I cross eyed or are you a two?"


I hovered over the word for 'cross-eyed' and I was like "gawd, how on Earth are they gonna use that in a 'pick-up line'??"...and now I know...and I'm completely underwhelmed and going "Seriously? Who came up with this exactly??" ha ha...wow


Though spanish sounds like my native language (filipino- we're colonialised by spain for 333 years), it is pretty hard for me to translate it. ¡Diós mío!


I'm so pissed because I said was instead of were and got it wrong.


How is two times different than twice?!?!?!


I feel like I would probably get smacked for saying this.


what does the meaning of OJALA?


This is a bad pickup line in general. Dont say this to someone you want to get with.


Ojala does not have a hint. That does not help when I still haven't learned what a microwave is called


Finally a pick up line that I can use. Now how do I say, "I wish I had ears like elephant's so I could hear your sweet voice better"?


I wish I were cross-eyed so I could see what inspires Duolingo to make these up.


Hilarious and ridiculous! Duolingo at its best! Almost as good a "quale balena" in Italian (thats not a pick-up line btw! You've been warned!)


When in Granada with a Spanish teacher of Spanish, she explained that the Arabs who had at that time invaded Spain and built Granada as their capital city, would pray loudly in the evenings , :Oh Allah!, Oh Allah!, and that the Spaniards assimilated that chant, as Ojala. Perhaps it was InshaAllah, but anyway she said the nearest translation in English would be, "Would to God", or as the commentary says, "I wish" . I would suppose the InshaAllah would translate more as "If God wills it", or "May it be in God's will", Anyway in Spanish it definitively has a strong O sound at the beginning the way I heard her speak it. I have seen it written in current letters, so it is still used in Spain. I have NOT heard it in Central or South American Spanish speakers though. Maybe too specifically regional, for generalized flirting. I was practicing my Spanish yesterday with a native Mexican speaker, and when we ran across Quetzalcoatl, he dismissed the word as an archaic regionalism. This word Ojala, doesn't seem to be archaic at all, just regional. Also, posters on this question get caught up in conquerors. My Mexican friend seemed to forget that in this case the Spanish were the conquerors, like in Spain the Arabic Moors were the conquerors. And as it turns out there were already many Jews in Spain at the time the Moors invaded. The Jews did not fare as badly under the Moors as they did when Ferdinand and Isabella later expelled the Moors, and the Jews during the inquisition. By the way visiting the Alhambra in Granada, is well worth an entry on any bucket list. It is beautiful beyond words to describe.


Why do they have this?! This is not flirting, an idiot would say this, why dont they do something like, lets have sex tonight! that is the real world people!!


I put 'in order that' instead of 'so' for 'para' and got it counted wrong.


I learned that "ójala que" means either "hopefully", "God willing", or "let's hope that". It only had "hopefully" as an option and "fuera" can mean "I were", "he/she were", "you (formally) were", or "it were".


I like this one for the ojalá to add to my vocabulary. jaja


I got hopefully and twice. The rest Iave up on.


I put "so that" and it got marked wrong. Stinks


Why is it "i wish i were" and not "i wish i was"?


"I were" is the subjunctive in English. I tend to think most native English speakers never use the subjunctive, but "I wish I were" is correct here.


Was is used by americans. Were is used by british and europeans whether it's plural or singular


Yeah i can't guess and idiomatic expression with hints that dont give me the meaning in the context that its used.


Shouldn't it be "was" instead of "were" in the correct answer?


No. "Were" is the first person subjunctive of the verb "to be" in English. Some people have been saying that it is old fashioned and falling out of use, but "I wish I was" sounds strange to me. I guess I am a pedant.


I wish I was cross-eyed still makes sense, especially in modern English. It may be better to say I wish I were but the alternative is not incorrect, in my opinion.


Ya, why isn't it two times?


Wow. I had no idea how much this question was going to confuse me, so if you'll excuse me, I lost all of my hearts and I have to take the lesson again.


I wish I could say with a straight face; I'm sure it would at least 'break the ice' with a girl.


Never heard this phrase in English! Is it a clichéd pick up line in Spanish?


I don't understand why they don't accept two times since it means the same thing as twice.


Could or would is hard to infer from this. My ans should've been accepted


No way to know what this means no previous teachings on words or correct hints


"so as to" should be acceptable


This translated Ojalá as "Ojalá," so i wrote "Ojalá! I were cross-eyed to see you two times." Thought it was an interjection


I put "..so that i could see you twice" i got it wrong...Cmon duo, cmon


Duolingo showed Ojalá as Ojalá only. I couldn't type what it means!!!


When did we learn Ojala? I had to dig deeeeep into my Spanish class memory for that one.


This is where Google Translate can save your bacon (or your heart). Ojalá fuera by itself translated to I wish it were, from there the rest of the saying made sense.


See you two time vs see you twice????? They sound the same to me. What the bleep does ojala mean any way?


This was a hard one! I just wrote: "Have we met already?" and lost my first heart :( :D


Really... "Could" and "would" should both be accepted here. They are pretty synanomous in this context.


Ojala translates as ojala. I thought it was someone's name


I wish I was cross-eyed so I could see you two times, I think that should be acceptable


I got this one wrong by saying two times instead of twice... Boo


so... what's "Ojala" ,,,,, i guess it means -i wish- yes?


How is "i wish i were cross eyed so i could see you two times" wrong?


Although i knew from a peggy march's song "i wish i were" was correct, i thought "i was" should be accepted nowadays. Damn it duo :) Anyway, being a non-native speaker, i nearly nailed it. And yes, ojalá needs a pop-up translation. I'll report it.


This definitely needs more hints...it was super confusing....


Ojala didn't translate to anything when i tapped it. Bug?


ojala isnt translated at all :(


Ojalá was not translated for me when tapped on..


Wait what is ojala?


When where & how to use "ojalá"?. Its really confusing. Need a robust explanation.


Start being cross-eyed and have no chance, right


Darn, when i clicked "ojalá" it gave me a hint "ojalá" too. Naa.


this is the best 30 lingots ive ever spent. they are so funny


This was impossible. I don't know idioms


I typed "You make my toes curl" and I was incorrect? WTF.


Have a Lingot for the best incorrect answer ever. :)


"Hopefully I'm crossed-eyed so I can see you two times." This is what I put and it marked it wrong... I was thinking this is pretty close.


Im pretty sure i will never use this, but what they hey. Mines well learn it


I am crosseyed to see you again... I was wondering how that was attractive! Worth the heart haha


I wrote "I wish I were cross-eyed so that I could see you twice" and was marked as incorrect :'(


This really needs to be corrected, it doesn't make any sense and I'm pretty sure nobody in Spain would say that.


How do you expect me to jump out of the plane without a parachute?


"So i can see you twice" sould have been accepted


I can manually cross my eyes on command, see? crossed… uncrossed… crossed… uncrossed. I won't be needing this line.


I put in "I wish I was cross-eyed so I could see you twice."


Why not intoxicato


It was so confusing i wrote " how am i supposed to know" as my answer. Smh lol


i put "i wish i WAS cross eyed so i could see you twice" instead of "were". i hate it when duolingo corrects my english :P


Who would say tht in the first place?


The sentence is impossible to figure out completely. So I guessed: I want to be cross-eyed to see you twice. It was considered wrong...


Not very coherent in Spanish, but I won't lie, that's hella smooth.


I know Spanish idioms are wacky -- they are in all languages -- but this one...takes the cake.

(Me encanta)


The given translation for Ojalá was... Ojalá. That was not very helpful.


Ojalà didn't offer any hint. Please fix it.


What does 'Ojala' mean?


For what i saw elsewhere, you don't conjugate "ojala"? it is always in first person?


It makes sense if you think of it like this: I wish I was cross eyed so i could see two of you.


As the comic book guy from The Simpsons would say: "worst chat-up line ever!"


Not only was there no definition under ojalá, but this is a horrible pick-up line...


Im puzzled with that ojalá


I clicked on 'ojala' for a hint and it just said 'ojala' again 0_o these are some really bad hints


They said that ojala means ojala


I tried for 5 minutes to make a reasonable sentance that made some sense and fianally just put, Not a clue. in the answer box, What in the world does that phrase even mean? Is it an actual line that HAS been said? It could be helpful if a definition of Ojala was given, like most of the other new words. Ojala is a cool word though, I'm going to be saying it all day.


who thought this would be cute or funny to learn?


Perhaps a lot of thought was given to how much controversy would be stirred hence assistance as a mnemonic. I know that for me (after having read so many comments and being amused) I will probably always remember the word Ojalá.


I answered "I wish I was cross-eyed so I could see two of you". . . I lost my final heart and had to start again. I love the app and I'm picking Spanish up quickly but there's a teeny part of me that wants to throw my device against the wall


Haha does anyone say this? Seriously though, "Ojalá" is not explained on the hover over. This one was difficult for me to figure out with most of the vocabulary not showing up prior to this phrase.


What a stupid sentence, something I would never want to say nor hear anyone say! Plus this is an idiom and does not belong in this section. This is very advanced spanish and I don't think I would have been ready to guess what it was. In addition ojala is not translated, no hint for the translation and no help. I am disgusted.


maxinedev ... control yourself. It's not that serious. I find this very humorous. I don't mean to laugh at you, but your being "disgusted" is one of the funnier things I've read in this discussion. Best wishes in your Spanish studies.


This is quite possibly the worst pick up line in history. If a guy said this to me, all the action he’s getting is a large slap across the face.


Actually, this is funny. To some people.


I translated it ''Ojala was crossed eyed to see you twice'' xD


What is the word 'para' used to denote here in this sentence?


Who wrote can instead of could?


can some one explain what does being cross eyed mean?


This one here is pretty confusing, I don't think it's too valid of a pickup line.


What does it mean "cross eyed?"? (Brazilian learning spanish through english.... lol)


Google Translater: "I wish it were squinting to see you twice."


this doesn't make sense...


I wish I were a fly, so I could see you a million times, with my compound eye! :^)


These are the types of things my eight year old sister says when she's had too much chocolate...


The audio does not sound correct. Listen clostley.


This was terrible. While the French flirting lesson was ok the Spanish one was a waste of time and lingots in my opinion.


Bahahaha who says this as a pick up line...?? Seriously xD


so ojala means inshalla ...such a surprising info thus I'M an arabic person seriousley this sentence needs more hints ..... complicated :\


Do people use this in real life? Also...this is a really long pick-up line for a new speaker, haha.
I still like "Eres modelo?"


Well not the best flirt line And was kinda hard for this level


This should make it into the Daily Odd Compliments.


This is a terrible pickup line. Something better would be, "I'd hate to see you leave, but I'd love to watch you walk away"


I wish i were cross-eyed so i can see two of you. Makes since


they said i spelled "so" wrong... apparently it isnt spelled S-O


doesn't make any sense


This comes out of absolutely nowhere. How is it possible to get this correct, even with guessing, unless you already know it? Unknown to me from previous lessons: Ojala, fuera, bizco, verte, veces. Para and dos look familiar.


El idioma español tiene muchas palabra que provienen del árabe, como ojalá, almohada o alfeizar. Y todas ellas son bonitas y enriquecen la cultura española, fuera de movimientos políticos que no vienen al caso.


I said: I wish my eyes were crossed so i see you twice. And it was still wrong...


It counted off because i didnt put a hyphen in "cross-eyed." Lame.


Wierdest idiom so far. I wish i was visually impaired so i could see you again. Can't you just say me gusto veo mas veces


This sentence is basically saying I wish I was seeing double so I could see two of you. Your sentence would be saying I liked, I see more times. See which one gets more chicks.


What the hell is cross-eyed?


Try to look at the bridge of your nose, that's cross-eyed. Your right eye is looking to the left and your left eye is looking to the right, your sight lines are crossed so you see double.

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As a cross eyed person, i do not see double tho it would be hilarious to hear this actually used irl


This one was very difficult. I would never use it. Kept getting it wrong :(


As apposes to being focused on the origin of the word in spain. Can someone help me to better under stand this sentence.


Like is this a real pick up line because i could never imagine saying something like this


I'm going to have my son say this in south Texas Wal-Mart! Maybe to a candy bar


I dont understand....some phrase are backwards.


One of the weirdest pick up linesXD


Why not "i wish i was cross eyed so i CAN see you twice


I can tell how 'bad/cheesy' the pickup line is based on the number that shows up on the "Discuss" button. 437- I lol


Is bizco an offensive word ?


im screaming, these are mint


Flirting at its finest


Probably the worst pick up line of all time! XD

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