"Mam czas po południu."

Translation:I have time in the afternoon.

January 21, 2016

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"południe" (neut.) is the noun for noon, midday (https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/po%C5%82udnie)

"po" + loc. = after

So you are saying literally "I have time after the noon"


that's cool, thanks!


is poludniu dative or locative in this sentence?


południu is very similar to the word południe, which means both the south, and the noon, as conor.raff pointed out. Is that perhaps because the sun is somewhat in the south during noon?


"Południu" is locative form of "Południe"= noon/South

Yes. To me as a native Polish person, those concepts are inherently the same.

Wschód(East) is where słońce wschodzi (sun rises)
Zachód (West) is where słońce zachodzi (sun sets)
Południe (South) is where sun is at południe (noon)

I imagine północ (North) as a direction where sun never is , but I guess you can also imagine sun going full circle - half at day (above), and half at night (below), and północ=North is where in this imaginary journey sun would be in the middle of the night. (midnight=północ)


The idea is similar in Hebrew. The word for North (צפון) means "hidden", where the sun never is.


Ah that makes sense, thanks!


Shouldn't it be "czasu" instead of "czas" here?


No. "czas" is masculine, but not-animate, so in Accusative it looks the same as in Nominative: "czas".


Would the translation, "I have time after noon," meaning literally, "My schedule clears up after 12 PM," be acceptable?


Well... yes. Added now.

I'd rather specify it saying "po dwunastej" (after 12) instead of "po południu", but that sure is a correct interpretation.


In English it would be idiomatic to say "I'm free in the afternoon" or "I'm free this afternoon" - would these be correct translations for this sentence?


I guess yes. Added now.


I have some time in the afternoon? Why not?


Hmm... technically "trochę czasu", but then... I guess, why not. Added.


In the afternoon I have time. Doesn't count.


Seems reasonable, as "Po południu mam czas." is accepted.


why does it say i typed in english when i make a mistake even when i type no english word?


If you can make this happen again, a screenshot might help the developers to work out what went wrong.....


For another possibility, could I say, Mam czas po nocie, to mean nighttime instead of afternoon?


Mam czas rano - I have time in the morning
Mam czas w południe - I have time at noon
Mam czas po południu - I have time in the afternoon
Mam czas wieczorem - I have time tonight
Mam czas w nocy - I have time at night
Mam czas o północy - I have time at midnight


"Mam czas po nocy" would be correct, however, that would mean 'after the night is over', since 'po' means 'after'. I doubt that this is a likely thing to say.

Dziś wieczorem mam czas. - I have time in the evening (today).
Mam czas w nocy. - I have time during the night.


I am typing potudnui with an english keyboard and its matking me wrong because of the t.


That would be because it is not a "t" (tee) but a variant of "l" (ell). Your word "potudnui" is doubly wrong because of the "t" and the "ui" at the end.

If you wrote "poludniu" you would probably get away with a "pay attention to the accents" warning.


Am I incorrect in thinking that in Polish, it is -generally- more natural to state the time first, and then what is happening? For example

I don't cook in December W grudniu nie gotuję

I would have expected

I have time this afternoon Po południu mam czas


Generally, the new information, the thing that you consider more important, usually goes at the end.

"Po południu mam czas" says what happens in the afternoon (nothing, I'm free)

"Mam czas po południu" says when I have some free time (I'm busy now, but I'll be free in the afternoon).


Why can't typos be accounted for :( i had "on" instead of "in" the afternoon and it qas counted wrong wahhh wahh wahh


Typos in English are surely rejected if it means that you created another existing word.


what is wrong with "evening"?


1PM isn't the evening ;)

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