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Direct Contact

Does anyone know how I might be able to directly communicate with someone from Duolingo? Several of my students are having trouble with the program not saving their work and progress, and I find it frustrating that there's no obviously apparent way to connect with someone for technical support to diagnose and fix the problem. I love the potential of Duolingo, but why there's no "Contact Us" provision -- a way to converse with someone in the know -- is baffling to me. Thanks for your thoughts.

January 21, 2016



The best ways to do this are either to post it in the troubleshooting forum or using this form to submit a bug report: https://support.duolingo.com/hc/en-us/requests/new


Thanks, Timothy, but I did submit a bug report a few weeks ago and received no response. It's frustrating not to be able to communicate with someone directly.


If you are a teacher and are having issues or want to share questions and stories, please post them here and we'll get to them as quickly as possible. If you need to share usernames and private info in order to solve something, email teachers@duolingo.com -- Did you take a look at our Schools help page? It should explain the various ways to get in touch (if you looked there and didn't see it, we might have to make that information more visible). Thanks Chachi!


Thank you for directing me to that email address!


LloydBarde just now n addition to this problem of not progressing, I believe that Duolingo interferes with voice functions of phone. It killed my android phones communications stack never to work again and shuts down my iPhone communication stack as well whether a programming error or intentional I do not know as in surveillance. I believe most likely related to function of shutting off speaking for now option. After doing so nothing voice related then functions may blow out settings on hardware parameters as like in in appropriate video parameters on a video card Or codec will not let go of communication stack. Hmm would FCC or another agency be interested Shuts down all voice functions and sound including phone functions Rosetta Stone etc


Yo pedí recibir las lecciones en español para aprender portugués. Tengo un año aprendiendo. De repente me están mandando las lecciones en inglés y empezando desde el primer nivel . NO quiero empezar de nuevo en inglés. Por favor corrige este problema.

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