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  5. "Dziś jem inaczej."

"Dziś jem inaczej."

Translation:Today I am eating in a different way.

January 21, 2016


[deactivated user]

    Is this meaning more "I'm trying a new cooking method" or "I'm eating somewhere different"? because as it stands, the English translation has the feel of "I've decided to eat with my feet, just for a change."


    For me, as a Polish native speaker, this sentence is weird too. It isn't natural if you ask me. It may suggest this foot eating style (hah :D), but maybe in context that someone eats out instead at home? I think I have never heard such a sentence.


    I think that "differently" conveys the meaning well.


    I thought maybe it's ment like "today I only with chopsticks instead of using fork and knife". Which is close to your suggestion of using the feet :D that could be some kind of youtube challenge - dont use your hands for a day... never know these days


    Could this mean "Today I am eating something different"?


    No, it would be "Dziś jem coś innego".


    That would be a literal translation of my English :-) , but I'm trying to get into the mind of the person/computer who created the sentence in the first place, to understand what they really meant!


    Well, what you wrote may probably be the meaning of the original sentence, although technically that's only an interpretation.


    My answer, "Dzisiaj jem inaczej" should be accepted!


    It is accepted.

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    Can "dzisaij" mean in the present, as opposed to how things used to be (as "today" can mean in English), or does it always mean just this particular day? Thanks :)

    E.g I used to eat junk all the time, but today I eat much better.


    Yes, it can be interpreted this way, but, as in English, this usage makes the sentence ambiguous. If you want to avoid that, use obecnie instead.

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    Thank you Alik


    Interesting question! In my English, I'd usually say "these days" rather than "today": "...these days I eat much better". Wiktionary for "dzisiaj" doesn't seem to give any other meaning than plain "today".


    The TTS sounds very weird on this one.


    Weird sentence. "I'm eating differently" implies eating in a different manner.


    "Differently" could mean "more healthly" or "less carb saturated" etc. Something that differs from your usual habits.


    Question for native English speakers: would any of you say "in a different way," rather than "differently"? For some reason this construction bugs me....


    Well, as you can see, this has been the subject of much discussion... I think I might use it comparatively, as in "I do things in a different way from you", but otherwise, I remain unconvinced about this sentence :-) .


    I would usually say "Today I am eating differently" or just "different"


    "differently" is accepted, but "different" does not seem to be grammatical.

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