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"We need to use this technology."

Translation:Bu teknolojiyi kullanmamız lazım.

January 21, 2016



Why isn't "kullanmalıyız" accepted?


It should be. But keep in mind that kullanmalıyız also means we should use beside the fact that it means we must use


Actually, it is really difficult to differentiate between 'kullanmalıyız' and 'kullanmamız lazım' in Turkish. As a Turkish speaker I would use both', but 'kullanmalıyız' is not accepted. 'Have to, must, should, need to' they are all expressed as 'meli' 'malı'

You have to get a visa to go to America. Amerika'ya gitmek için vize almalısın/vize alman lazım/vize alman gerekli. We can use any of these expressions.


what about kullanmak zorundayiz?


Why is "... bize kullanmamız lazım" not accepted? It us given in the hints, and I thought using the pronoun was optional.


Not Bize, if it's allowed, it must be BİZİM/ genitive, but I think is optional.

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