"We need to use this technology."

Translation:Bu teknolojiyi kullanmamız lazım.

3 years ago



Why isn't "kullanmalıyız" accepted?

3 years ago

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It should be. But keep in mind that kullanmalıyız also means we should use beside the fact that it means we must use

3 years ago

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Actually, it is really difficult to differentiate between 'kullanmalıyız' and 'kullanmamız lazım' in Turkish. As a Turkish speaker I would use both', but 'kullanmalıyız' is not accepted. 'Have to, must, should, need to' they are all expressed as 'meli' 'malı'

You have to get a visa to go to America. Amerika'ya gitmek için vize almalısın/vize alman lazım/vize alman gerekli. We can use any of these expressions.

11 months ago
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