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In Spanish, you hear words often run together. This often causes us 'gringos' to not understand what native Spanish speakers are saying. Are there any patterns on running words together in Spanish? Tx : )

4 years ago



In NZ English, a phrase like "It's the same as..." sounds to many other English speaking folks as "utzasaymuz", so it certainly ain't confined to spoken Spanish. :-)

I've tried watching Spanish language movies without looking at the subtitles and I reckon I understand about one word in ten. Just got to keep immersing myself, in the hope that I'll get better.

4 years ago


You sure do. A couple places teach Spanish with no spaces between the words. ;). I don't think the patterns are exclusive to Spanish (y'all) but there some regional variations, I have been told. The topic is interesting and I bumped into it in a history of languages grad course many years back, but about all I picked up of a practical nature was "expect it, especially when leaving the classroom and hitting the streets." ;)

4 years ago