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Is classroom available on the mobile app?

Can I manage my classroom as the teacher through the mobile app or is it only through the computer?

January 21, 2016



A mobile app for educators would be ideal as it would allow teachers to have ready access to their classrooms at any time. Smartphones and tablets are much more convenient especially for those teachers who are constantly on the move and don't want to be weighed down by a clunky laptop while waiting on the bus or generally when outside of the physical classroom.


Duolingo for Schools is only available on the computer. Although it is not optimized for it, you can use it on a mobile browser (not the app) if you need to. If an app would help, please do explain your reasons and I'll collect it as a request. We are taking all teacher feedback back to the team whenever possible, so vote and comment when you see something you like. :]


Please make an app. It would be so much easier to Check my students assignments via App.


It's easier and more practical to manage the classroom from an app on the go rather than on a browser. Many freelance teachers like myself are usually on the go and an app sure would come in handy


Ir would be useful as well as to have access to the students forums


I could see its use to direct a class activity from a tablet (either Android or iOS, as a Windows phone user can easily use the web version). But I'm not a teacher, so wait for genuine opinions before taking my word for it.


if you could make an app, you would be helping a lot of people, teachers and students alike


Does your mobile device have a browser? If so, perhaps you could use the website on your mobile device as a workaround.


An educator function for the app would be so useful.


I think it can only be managed through the mobile app. Most of the time I only access it by computer. But it sure will be great if I can access through the app as well.I just feel like it is more flawless to use the app rather than a web browser.


purty sure only with the computer


Im using a computer and I can easily acces my classroom I just finished and I wasnt able to do so on moblie app I have downloaded it 3 times

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