"Is a human an animal?"

Translation:Czy człowiek to zwierzę?

January 21, 2016

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Is it possible to say "czy człowiek to zwierzę?" ?


Yes, look at translation above.


ahh, I see. when I did it, I made a mistake, and it gave me the translation "Czy czlowiek jest zwierzęciem?" , so I was wondering if the other was possible too. thanks!


was wondering the same


Just wondering about Polish word order...I always thought it was pretty flexible, but "Czy jest człowiek zwierzęciem?" was wrong. Is that truly wrong (grammatically not allowed by Polish syntax rules) or is it just not preferred?


it is not grammatically incorrect. in this sentence you can have all 6 permutations of człowiek, jest, zwierzęciem, with or without czy at the beginning and all would be technically correct.

Out of those 12 the sentence you wrote is the most weird sounding one. In the sentence where subject and object are nouns the best way is always subject verb object. And questions are formed like positive sentences, just with added question word.


I dont understand the difference between człowiek and człowiekiem or when to use either of them.. Im guessing they both mean either man/human/boy Could someone plz tell me?


They both are a form of a word that technically means "human", but English often uses "man" for it.

"człowiek" is Nominative (the basic form, like in a dictionary), "człowiekiem" is Instrumental, used mostly in sentences like "On jest człowiekiem" (He is a human).


Aah it makes sense now.. Im surely going to read your post about Instrumental a couple of times more.. Thanks for your fast response, you are a awesome teacher! first time you helped me but i see your name everywhere in the comments!


Yh same he helped me a tonne before but honestly well done to you mate you're so helpful and always explain so clearly


Is 'czy to człowiek, zwierzę?' possible given a pause in the speech between the last two words? Duo rejected it.


It's a really unusual thing to say. It's hard for me to even say if it's correct in any way, it's not really a sentence...


It could go like this: Czy człowiek, to zwierzę?


But that comma is just incorrect, I believe.


Hey probably dumb question buy what does "to" mean

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