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Я могу иначе.. Я закрепил 7 слов

Thank you duolingo

finished the first Russian lesson

I do not have the Russian Cyrrilic on yet .. but will work it out later/

Я могу иначе.. Я закрепил 7 слов

Dziekuje merci gracias danke

December 20, 2013

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It's very easy to get in your windows localization settings. However, the letters, of course, do not correspond. They do sell the stickers you can put on your keyboard that will have russian letters though to help you out.


Yes thanks...

I just wanted to get started and try the new Russia site out....

I was very impressed...

now I am onto the second lesson

and will perhaps today or tomorrow or some time soon sort out the keyboard.

it is impossible to get a Russian keyboard or just remember where the various letters are on the English keyboard.

Everything is good and just now to do some more learning

Big thanks to all the Russian team


I just copy the vocabulary hints. I know it is bad, but I have no other way ;(


This is a great site for Russian keyboard information: http://winrus.com/kbd_e.htm . It worked for me a while back to set up my computer for typing Russian, and it was all that was needed. The page/info looks to have changed, but I'll bet it's just as good as it was.

Anyway, it is not hard to learn to touch type on the Russian standard keyboard, rather than the "phonetic" one, and without using stickers on the keys or a new keyboard. People who are waiting for the "Russian for English Speakers" course to be developed might give it a try. There are online sites that teach touch typing on the Russian Cyrillic keyboard, but it is not necessary to use them.

All that is needed is a text editor or a word processor. Even an e-mail app. or a text-entry box (like these reply boxes) can serve, as long as you can enter text using a keyboard that types Cyrillic characters. Using this method it took me less than 3 weeks to learn to type on the Russian keyboard, and I practiced only in spare moments.

It's just like learning to touch type in English. Start with a couple of keys, practice them, and keep adding new keys only when you are adept w/ the ones already practiced. What I did was start with the two "home keys," "а" and "о" in Cyrillic, which are "f" and "j" on the Latin (i.e., English) keyboard.

This is how to start. Open a file with the editor you've chosen and type in several "cue" lines, using only the Cyrillic characters you will practice. For instance:

аааааааа аааааааа аааааааа аааааааа аааааааа

оооооооо оооооооо оооооооо оооооооо оооооооо

ааааооаооо аооооаооооааааа оооаоаоооа оооааа

оооаоаааооооааааоааао ааооооа аоаааоо аа а а о о оаа

Etc. Leave at least one blank line between these lines.

To practice, position your cursor at the left of the blank line under your first line of cue characters, and place your hands so that your pointer fingers are on the "f" and "j" keys and the four fingers of each hand rest lightly on the keys in that row. Looking at the cue line, type each letter as you come to it, saying it aloud as you do so. So, after you have typed the first eight characters of the first line, these lines will look like this:

аааааааа аааааааа аааааааа аааааааа аааааааа

and you will have said "ah" eight times. Do the same for all the cue lines you've prepared, saying the letters as you type them in. Repeat the lines and practice more, or add new lines with the same letters and practice them. Keep practicing these characters (and no others) until your fingers depress them automatically. That's all you need do. There's no strain involved at all.

Ten or fifteen minutes a day is the most you need practice, and if you grow bored it's time to stop. When you've learned these letters well, so that you type the right letter as soon as you see it (it won't take long), do in just the same way the next letters, "в" and "л" which are on the home row next to the Cyrillic "а" and "о" keys. Practice them for a while until you think you have them. Then practice lines with the previous letters and these new letters intermixed:

ввдваоаалв оаалвовла вооалвоооо лллворлаллааа . . . etc.

Practice all four letters until your fingers hit the correct keys automatically, and then move along to the keys in that row under the ring fingers, practicing the new keys and then intermixing them with the old. And so on. Supply real words to type sometimes, using the letters you have learned, if you are so inclined.

Always start a lesson by practicing several rows of what you learned the session before. Don't add more keys when your fingers don't yet automatically hit the keys you have already practiced. Don't rush. Just practice steadily.

That's all it takes. I'd say two to four weeks should do it. And when you're adept, you can play on such fun sites, as this http://klavogonki.ru/ , which has little "racing games." You'll be able to type in Russian like a champ.

It is really worthwhile to be able to touch type in Russian, and you'll be surprised how easily it can be learned.

For some people it may be better not to introduce characters on corresponding fingers of each hand, as new characters are added. That's the way I was taught for English, but if you find yourself pressing with the wrong hand at first--i.e., а for о or л for в--try varying which fingers are paired, for new characters. The order of keys learned is not important.)

I hope this is useful to some of you. The explanation is likely overkill, but I'll be glad to answer any questions.


On this site you can download a phonetic keyboard for Windows: http://winrus.com/kbd_e.htm#p1251 And on the end of the page there are also links for other os.

There are different phonetic layouts to choose from and you can also customise them. :)


I use phonetic keyboard for some years it is awesome |:) only few letters to remember, everything else is just the same. Я использую фонетическую раскладу уже много лет, она просто незаменима!


Закрепили is for plural


So, Закрепил


cheers thanks for the personal lesson.

I went and changed them

Изучайте язык всего по 5 минут день. Абсолютно бесплатно.