"Żołnierz pracuje obok granicy."

Translation:The soldier works next to the border.

January 21, 2016

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'the soldier works beside the border' was marked wrong for me. what is the difference between beside and by in this context?


'Beside' and 'next to' have same meaning in English. Very unfair to mark it wrong.


OK, added "beside".


Speaking of the migrant crisis?

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When I saw your comment, I thought it was sent at most a few months ago.


That's rather blisko granicy.


I absolutely cannot detect any difference in the sounds of words like granica vs. granicy, dzielnica vs. dzielnicy, etc.


at first glance thought it was among grenades...


My first thought was granite, as if we spoke about mount guides, the mountain rescue service or part-time/amateur geologists.


Well, that would be quite specific vocabulary :D It reminds me of when someone asked if "port" was mean as one side of the boat... (no, it was meant as a place where ships dock, a little bit more known meaning :D)


I too was surprised to see that the creators chose “port” over “harbour”, as I usually understood ports to be of more commercial use, rather than just a place of anchoring one's ship, vessel or schooner. Doesn't the polish language have more differentiated terms for those kinds of landing places?


Come on, we're too poor to own boats :D Commercial "port" is definitely something about which I hear more often than about "przystań" (feminine noun, "harbour").


I don't believe you are too poor to own boats, or maybe the Americans will borrow you some of their boats once they relocate their soldiers in Poland. ;-) Then, you would have more boats capable of navigating through the sea than we as Germans currently have; ours get rusty in salty water, ironically. But if the port is more commonly used than the harbour, then I shall accept it as such, and perhaps look up the difference to assure that my assumption was not settled in a misconception. I already humiliated myself in believing that “Černobyl” could be translated as black-and-white, while it was more about black plants or herbs.


I had beside marked as wrong also


"beside" was added three months ago. If it was rejected for you, please provide a screenshot so we can investigate what happened.

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