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"Kita tidak punya banyak waktu."

Terjemahan:We do not have much time.

January 22, 2016

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knp ngk d pakai many?


Many is only for countable things, as time can't be counted, you have to use "much".

Waktu = Bukan sebuah benda, dapat dihitung sebagai sebuah benda. Jadi: "much".

Many = untuk benda yang dapat dihitung, sebagai benda. Contoh: 2 books, 4 dogs.


How many times?


Ada yg bisa bantu.. Knpa ga pake 'are not' tetapi 'do not'..?


Jika kata kerja tidak adalah "to be",dalam Bahasa Inggris, negasi = do+not/don't (doesn't dengan he/she/it)

keadaan = to be.
Melakukan sesuatu = to do.

If you don't already have the verb "to be" in the affirmative sentence, the negation auxiliary to add is "do" not "are". When "to be" is already in the affirmative sentence, you don't need this auxiliary "do", you simply turn "are" into the negative form.


We are nice = "to be" is in the affirmative sentence; So I don't need to add the auxiliary, and I form the negative as "we are not nice" (or aren't)

We sell things = I don't have the "to be" verb in this sentence; So I add the "do" auxiliary to have the negative form. We do not sell things (or we don't)


wa sing song bledos byar @_@


I choose "we don't have much time" but that is wrong. I choose "we do not have much time" but that is wrong too. How is that???


Do not and don't is the same right??


Sama aja Kaka. Tapi duolingo tidak menerima singkatan.


Fix this please thanks

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